Yami Mufdi

Yami was a dancer growing and has always been active. She is a am a Tier 3 Trainer at Equinox in NYC and a very well rounded athlete. Yami is an avid powerlifter, yogi, and lover of kettlebells pilates. Check out her YouTube channel!

Why did you want to become a Fashletics Ambassador?

Sometimes all we need is a little push and I know that when I look down and see my necklace, i get that. It's like that little reminder that escapes your brain when you're too exhausted to think. I want to help inspire women and make them see their full potential and I think with you guys, it could be a great way!

What is your favorite "Pep Talk Charm" phrase and why?

The "Me vs Me" one is up there on the list because that really is the case. We psych ourselves out so much telling ourselves that we aren't strong enough or beautiful enough and that is simply not true. If we conquer ourselves, we can conquer the world.

What is your personal health motto?

My personal health motto is you get what you put in. And also, progress over perfection. We live in a day of instant gratification and we need to remember that when it comes to fitness & health, it won't happen over night! This is journey and I know, speaking from experience, you WILL find yourself in it.

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