Here's what our customers are saying about their Fashletics fitness jewelry and apparel!

"Love it :) I absolutely love the charms and the necklaces. I purchased this for my daughter and my best friends daughter for their birthdays. They loved them too." -Tednurse

"I just received my necklace with pewter dumbbell and charm, patience!!! I also got the charm, believe in yourself, in sterling. Love everything!!! I'm looking forward to ordering more sterling when it is back in stock. The pieces have already been admired at the gym I attend!!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful product!!!!"- Lark K

"Beautifully made and packaged. I gave this as a gift and my friend called me twice to let me know how much she loved it." -Shannon H.

"I bought my wife the Sterling Silver chain (18") with a dumbbell and "Inspire" tag.  First, it was quite beautiful and well crafted.  Second, she absolutely loves it.  It was a unexpected gift.  We both are on our fitness journey and workout consistently.  We have a gym in our house, so it affords us to workout when we wake up.  We are each others greatest motivation.  Thanks for making such a wonderful gift. We will be back for more, and I will recommend friends to your site and products." - G. Mike

"I just wanted to let you know I received my order today, and it FAR exceeded my expectations!! I will definitely be ordering again shortly! The quality, quick service and craftsmanship are phenomenal. I am soooo happy with my purchase! Lift on!" -Ashley M.

"Today I received my first fashletics product after much anticipation. As a recently new member to the crossfit community I've been searching for the perfect/dainty way to make a statement of my love for the sport. When i came across the kettlebell love, it was sold out...so I waited. Boy was it worth the wait!!!! I absolutely love it. It's strong and lovely. It's the perfect reminder of why I love my new lifestyle. It makes me feel beautiful. So, to your fashletics team...thank you. I can't wait till my next purchase, and to tell everyone I know how wonderful your products are." -Much love, Alexis

"I bought a KB and a plate necklace at the games back in 2012 and absolutely love them. Everyone asks me where I got them and Ive since expanded by collection. Everything is amazing and lasts forever. Not to mention has started may a conversation with stranger CrossFitters who see it across the room." - Kristin K.

"Hi! I got my silver kettlebell necklace today!!!!! I LOVE it!! I have looked all over for one and bought a couple others, but this is IT!! I finally found the PERFECT little kettlebell!! Not too big, not too small, not shaped strangely or awkwardly! Great job!! Thanks!" -Elise

"I am writing to thank you for your excellent product and customer service. The craftsmanship is superb--  both pieces are lovely, lightweight, durable, and delightfully detailed. I have never seen this kind of attention to detail in any similar product, either artisan-crafted or mass-produced. I am so please with my buyer's experience at fashletics.com and look forward to placing another order with your company in the near future. many thanks!" -Whitney B.

"Hi! I ordered a few things from your website a few months ago. They came fast and the quality was better than I expected. I wanted to reach out and say thank you, I wear my tire charm everyday and I usually have my 45 lb plate charm on too. I get lots of compliments and am amazed how well they have held up. They look exactly the same as when I got them! I don't think I've had any necklace look this good with constant wear- especially when I crossfit and shower and sweat in them regularly!  I'm a loyal fan and always direct people to your company when they compliment my necklaces. I post them on Instagram (@kennelybrooke) sometimes and make sure to tag you guys and tell everyone where I got them! I can't wait to order from you again. Thank you for making a great product and taking pride in your company, customers, and products." -Kennely

"I received my Live Love Lift Bra in the mail today!!! LOVE IT!!!! It works really well as a bathing suit top too! I christened it in the river today. Thanks for the great service and quality!" -Cheryl H.

"Thank you, Sarah! I gave the large kettlebell necklace to my  husband for his birthday yesterday:)  In the 18 years we have been together he has NEVER worn a necklace, or any jewelry for that matter.  But since his life has been changed by CrossFit, he was touched, honored, and proud to have that kettlebell around his neck.  He earned it with all of his hard work over the past 18 months!"  - Cheryl P. 

"Your jewelry is like crack! its so hard to pick just a few to buy every time i go to your site!" -Ashley

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU Fashletics! I recently ordered five "Believe in Yourself" dogtags with leather chains for my 3 boys and my wife. (and I even treated myself and got one for me too!) They are AWESOME!!!!! The boys now have a little keepsake from their Dad to remind them of my #1 motto. The quality is great and the shipping was fast! My wife also loved how they came in the little pouch to protect them and to store them. :) Thank You Again!" -Mark H.

"We had a box Christmas Party / Formal where all the athletes all got dressed up.  So, I gave her the necklace early so she could wear it with her black dress and it looked awesome.  She was so excited and all the gals talked about it." - Brian

"My husband and I are the owners of Crossfit Northern Kentucky.  One of our hard core crossfitters, Toni,  came in one day bragging about the cool kettlebell necklace she had ordered online.  When her necklace arrived, she wore it to the box and everyone was crazy for it!   Many of us are now following fashletics on facebook.  AND- I just received the L,L,L socks that I ordered for our holiday raffles at Crossfit Northern Kentucky.  Whoever wins the socks will be jumpin' for joy!" - Wendy

"I really liked the look of your merchandise better than other sites that I checked out and I admire the fact that you make everything yourself - You Go Girl!!! I wanted something special to give my clients who have seen great results with kettlebells and these necklaces are perfect! I look forward to getting more in the future." - Jenni

"My order just arrived; as with my previous fashletics order, i am absolutely delighted by the quality of these items!  The tote bag is perfect for rounding-up my jump rope, tape, lacrosse ball, and all the other stray crossfit-related items kicking around in my van.  The weight plate charm and necklace will be the perfect thank you gift for my kiddos to give their crossfit kids coach-- she will be thrilled!  Thank you for the service you provide your customers, (and thank you also for the extra little wallet. :)" -Whitney 

"Today, I went to the box & did my 70%x3/80%x3/90%x3 reps of my deadlifts. My finishing set was 288#x3. I looked down, grabbed a hold of my I WILL I CAN necklace, mentally prepared myself & decided to load up 325# on the bar.  Needless to say, I PR'd. 20 more pounds till I hit a triple bodyweight. Thank you for this necklace & the motivation to push myself & hit PRs. :)" -Tina

"I have a “lift” charm that I got this summer, but I didn’t even know how much that word could mean to me then. Now, I wear it as a reminder to ask people to do that for me, to return the favor whenever I can, and to keep lifting really heavy weights." - Maggie

"I received my order today of 3 charms and wanted to say how impressed I was with the packaging and general care you took to include things like tissue paper, a card, postcard and case. It was unexpected and a really nice touch. As the owner of a small online retail business I can really appreciate such things and it certainly raised the bar on what I plan to do in the future for our customers. Keep up the good work.  Also, the charms are super cool. Thank you!" -Nick

"Hi, Just wanted to say thankyou! My order arrived today and I absolutely love it!! The quality of both the product and the service is amazing! Will definately be putting in another order very soon! :)"  -Kelly

"I just received my bracelets and wanted to thank you! The delivery was fast and the bracelets are so cute! Love the pouch also:) Keep up the good work and I'll spread the news here in Quebec!" -Virginia

"I have purchased several items from your company & continue to be thrilled everytime." -Renee

"Thank you so much for the personal notification, I really appreciate your level of customer support. Fashletics is a great company, and I will continue to support it! Warmest Regards, Tania"

"My charms arrived today. I am so pleased that you guys are in business. Nice little gifts for my cycle crew gal pal." -Rebecca"

"My order arrived today! Everything is better than I expected!!! The charms are PERFECT and the tank top was made for me, the fit is just right! I'm glad they fit as small as they do. I'm always looking for XS sizes and 00 pants!I will be the bell of the barbel at the office tomorrow with the necklace and later with the tank top and the gym!Thank you :)