Shondelle Solomon-Miles

Shondelle Solomon-Miles discovered her passion for fitness and body transformation upon graduating from Columbia University in 1996.  Since then, it has been Shondelle’s personal and professional mission to improve and transform lives via the vehicle of health and fitness. She does this through constant education and certifications (she has over a dozen!) as well as coaching individuals and groups at her gym - CrossFit 954.

Q. What variables separate those who achieve success and MAINTAIN it, from those who don't?

  1. SUPPORT from your peers and family.
  2. PLEASURE (to some degree). You won't consistently do what you don't enjoy when you don't really 'have' to.
  3. ACTING IN SPITE OF FEAR (because for many the possibility of failure is scary)
  4. DECENT WORK ETHIC (because you have to know that you don't get something for nothing and hard work and consistent effort will be involved)
  5. And finally A BIG REASON ‘WHY’?  What I mean by that is that in those who are successful in achieving their goals, there is usually a significant' reason, that's beyond fitting into their 'skinny jeans' or wearing a bikini on the next cruise, that motivates them to not only endure but embrace the discomfort required to change.

Q. What are some of the methodologies of CrossFit that are "game changers" when it comes to fat loss/weight management?


The body changes when it must. Intensity creates an environment of urgency. It's as if the body says, “Ok, if I don't make these muscles stronger and this heart and lungs more efficient,this is going to kill me”.


I believe community is the foundation of Crossfit. I think peer support, camaraderie and empathy are critical components for anyone endeavoring to lose weight or change their body in any way. There is comfort in knowing that “you are not alone”. When life gets hard, which it will, we all need the encouragement and reminder to keep going, take another step...do one more rep.

Shondelles’s Coaching Principles:

1.Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, because challenge creates change.

2. Progress not perfection. Simply do better today than you did yesterday and that's enough.

3. You can do SO much more than you think you can, so stop thinking and do! Make the effort and surprise yourself. It’s SO much more fun!

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