Jewelry Care & Cleaning

It is generally recommended that jewelry is kept away from moisture in order to preserve the polished finish. However, we know that many of our customers love to work up a sweat while wearing their favorite Fashletics necklace... and we love that our pieces are motivating you through your workouts!  If you notice that your jewelry is starting to loose its luster, have no fear, we have some tips that will brighten your charms right up.

Bronze & Pewter: Your bronze and pewter jewelry can be easily polished with a product called Brass-O which is available at most hardware stores, some grocery stores, and on amazon.  Brass-O is a strong cleaner and will have your jewelry looking like new. 

Sterling Silver: For your sterling silver jewelry there are a variety of silver cleaning products. We like using a Sunshine Silver Polishing Cloth which can be found on Amazon. The cloth is not as messy as a liquid polish and can be used over and over again. They also work on pewter for a light polish. You can usually find liquid polish such as Wright's Silver Polish at your local hardware or grocery store or on Amazon.