Fashletics® Sponsored Athlete Danielle Sidell

Name: Danielle Sidell
Occupation: CrossFit Athlete

Danielle is a competitive CrossFit Athlete who currently trains at Rubber City CrossFit in Akron, OH. She has compete at the CrossFit Games on Team SPC CrossFit and hope to qualify this year as an individual.

An athlete since childhood, Danielle started her athletic career by chasing her big brothers and then went on to find success at the high school and collegiate level. Danielle received a Division I scholarship for Cross Country and Track & Field from the University of Akron. She earned All-MAC recognition for the 800m run and graduated with my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology in 2012.

"Shortly after graduating, I felt that I needed something more in my life; I wanted more self-fulfillment, a more structured and disciplined lifestyle. With that, I took the oath to serve my country; I joined the Ohio Army National Guard September 9th, 2012."

In 2012 Danielle also tried CrossFit for the first time.

"I honestly had no idea what Crossfit even was or what it was all about. I saw a clip of it on ESPN once and thought to myself ‘wow that looks stupid.’  Because I am an athlete of course I was willing to try this up and coming sport out..."

Her first workout was a grueling 7 minutes of burpees. Tempted to walk out and never come back, Danielle not only pushed through those 7 minutes, but she found her passion and a team at SPC CrossFit. That team went on to place second in the World at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

In November of 2013 Danielle left for Basic Training and continued with her CrossFit training while on base at Fort Lee. She felt that this would be the year that she could qualify for the CrossFit Games as an individual. The 2013 CrossFit Open rolled around and Danielle was a front runner. In fact, she placed first on workout 13.2 beating out reigning CrossFit champ, Annie Thorisdotter.

What happened next turned into the most difficult experience of Danielle's life. CrossFit HQ demanded a video of Danielle's performance which was reviewed and ultimately rejected for failing to meet the standards on the workout (5 no reps). Danielle was humiliated on a worldwide scale. She was based online on blogs and received a barrage of negative comments and messages. On top of the humiliation, Danielle was disqualified from the CrossFit Open which took away any chance at qualifying for the CrossFit Games. Her 2012 season was over.

"I felt like the whole world was laughing at me. I wanted to quit the Army. I blamed everyone but myself."

Instead of quitting, Danielle decided to use this as fuel to fight, to get better, and to prove the naysayers wrong. She is also on a mission to prove her supporters right. 

Danielle finished the 2014 CrossFit Open in 10th place in the Central East Region after some incredible performances including a first place finish on Open Workout 14.3. She was also recently signed by the NPFL's New York Rhinos - the NPFL is the world’s first professional spectator sport comprised of co-ed teams that compete in “human performance races”. Danielle can now call herself a professional athlete thanks to the support of her sponsors. She is living a lifelong dream and is now able to train and compete full time.

We are proud to be among those who support Danielle by welcoming her as a Fashletics Ambassador. There is no question that there is something special about Danielle when it comes to her athletic ability, but behind that raw talent is an athlete who is even stronger mentally. And that is why Danielle Sidell is a force to be reckoned with.