Christine Cruz

Christine is a full time news anchor and full time mom and she still find time to make staying fit a priority. Her Facebook page, Forty Fit, provides fitness and nutrition information for women over forty.

What is your personal health motto?

Fitness is a personal journey and everyone has a unique road map that leads to your final destination...all you have to do is turn on your built in gps, and start driving. You may hit a couple of detours along the way but you WILL get there.

What's your daily workout routine?

I wake up at 2 am every day run 6 to 7 miles and perform weight training 5 times a week.

What role that social media plays in your life and work?

I anchor the morning news for WSVN 7 in Miami, so social media is not only how I connect with viewers but it is also how I motivate people to lead healthy active lives with posts on exercise, nutrition, inspiration and even fitness finds like my favorite Fashletics fitness jewelry!

Why did you want to become a Fashletics Ambassador?

I believe Fashletics jewelry is not only fashionable but extremely inspirational. We all need to be reminded every now and then to “Dig Deep”, to “Choose Strength”, and that the goal should always be “Progress not Perfection”. I proudly wear my Fashletics jewelry to remind myself of the commitment I have made to myself to invest in my well being. I love Fashletics because it's not only a wonderful way to applaud your efforts but a great way to look amazing while doing it!!

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