Chelsea Hoffman

Chelsea's athletic background includes basketball and professional jump-roping for the Houston Rockets as well as in the Junior Olympics. She is now the manager of CrossFit Fayetteville in Arkansas where she coaches adults and kids.

What is your personal health motto?

Passion and discipline lead to growth. We all have room to grow. Physical fitness is for everyone, no matter their level. Being physically fit and helping others reach their fitness goals has not only become a lifestyle, but one of my greatest passions.

What is it about CrossFit that has you hooked?

CrossFit has been the perfect fit for me, because it allows access to a physically fit life through a program built for all different types of people in all walks of fitness. There is not a specific CrossFIt mold and there are always new challenges, room for improvement, and ways to continue to grow.

What are some of the best things about being a coach?

I thoroughly enjoy relating to others through exercise, helping others be better and reach their goals. I have a vision for the importance of physical health and the benefits it brings to an individual’s life. As a coach, I am truly excited and thrilled to have the opportunity to encourage, develop, discipline and strengthen others’ journey to becoming healthier and obtaining an active lifestyle.

What is your favorite piece of Fashletics fitness jewelry?

I Choose Strength. Becoming physically fit and overall healthy comes from a daily choice. Each day, we are each presented with a choice to get stronger or not. I have made it a life goal of mine.. every day I have, I vow to choose strength, in my heart, mind, body and soul, I choose strength.

Chelsea's Charity involvement:

I am passionate about health and fitness awareness in my community. I often volunteer at elementary school portraying my jump roping talents at assemblies. I volunteer by coaching CrossFit kids classes at the Boys and Girls club, as well as participate in several community charity organizations, i.e. Arkansas Support Network, Jump for the Heart, and NWA Heartwalk.

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