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Journey to the CrossFit Open

My journey to the Open...

In just 10 months Kendra Warren went from asking herself   "What is the CrossFit Open?" to being an integral part of team CrossFit 305, currently ranked 13th in the South East Region. Here's her take the Open season and what it has done for her physically and mentally. 

by Kendra Warren

Last year around this time I had no idea that this whole CrossFit Open Craze even existed. Sure I may have heard of CrossFit once or twice before, heard about people doing something random thing like burpees for 7 minutes & even gave it a try on my own, but I never really understood more beyond that.

By some random chance I signed up to volunteer at the 2012 South East Regionals, just because I was interested to see what all the hype was about & it was local. It didn't work out with my schedule to actually volunteer, but they still gave me a pass to watch all the action.

This single action is what has sparked the last 10 months of training. The last 10 months of day in & day out, early mornings, sore muscles, bruises, frustration, joy and passion. Just watching all the competitors that weekend lit a fire inside that said...  

"I wanna be there!"

I really had no idea what it would take to get me "there", but I was willing to do it. I enlisted the help of Peter Kazanas from CrossFit 305 & told him I wanted to compete. He told me, "Just do the class WODs for awhile and then we'll move forward from there."

So that's exactly what I did, I would come to the box every single week & began to learn the basics. As the weeks went on I gained more confidence & acquired new skills.

Around August is when the training started to amp up. I began to work my weaknesses, which was pretty much EVERYTHING besides a squat & a deadlift.  This is where all those sore muscles, bruises & frustration came into place. But I really wanted to be a part of the competitive world again so I kept coming back. I developed a friendship with some of the girls at the box & they were all pretty intense, strong & skilled. They convinced me to sign up for my first competition in October, and although I wasn't quite sure about it I just went with it. 

The team, community, & friendships that have evolved from being a part of a competition & being serious about training is what has led me to the 2013 CrossFit Open.

I compete in the Open because...

it gives me a chance

it creates an outlet

it shows me where I need to grow

it keeps me hungry

And, it's the stepping stone to my next goal

And YES there's still a lot of sore muscles, bruises & frustration but this is where the joy and passion comes into place.

Good luck to all those competing this year and I hope you smash your goals!!

Grind Hard Live Fit,

Kendra Warren

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