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    Sarah Wilson

Me vs. Me : 24/7/365

by Kendra Warren


According to the dictionary this is what defines competing.  I have been an athlete all my life, whether it was on my local recreation sports team, as a competitive league athlete, transitioning to middle school, high school and college athletics. So to say I have been exposed to a competitive environment is an understatement.  As I now transition to participating in CrossFit competitions it still hasn’t quite set in that this will be like “game day”.  CrossFit reminds of the times when I was young and I went out and played because it was fun and my friends were doing it.  Yet with CrossFit it has a way of humbling you, FAST.  

I remember my first day at my box and thinking, "I'm pretty athletic, this won't be that bad."  And then I got passed by the pregnant lady on the warm-up run?!?!  It's really hard when you have been great at sports your whole life and catch on to things super fast, but CrossFit is different. 

I played softball and basketball in high school, it came easy, it was what I was good at and I never had to work at it much.  I then went on to row for  fours years in college, and this was significantly more difficult.  I was starting from the bottom and had to work REALLY hard to get a seat in the varsity 8+.  This helped transition my mentality from being the best just because I was athletic.  And then there was CrossFit, I had a fairly good strength base from working out recreationally but for the most part I was starting from the bottom again. I had never done any sort of Olympic lifting or gymnastics movements, much less combining them all into a workout.  

So seeing people surpass me who have been doing Crossfit for a few months or years was so frustrating because I wanted to be great too.  I went through phases of frustration where I felt like all the hours at the box I had been putting in were moving to slow, but then I have to give myself a reality check. 

I  realize Rome wasn't built in a day, so I have to put in WORK day after day to reach new goals within the sport. So no matter how hard, frustrating or thrilling each day is I'm not a quitter and I'm determined to get better.  It took me awhile, but I realize CrossFit is just another opportunity for me to enter my "competitive tunnel", embrace the pain cave and put it all out there when someone says GO!

At the end of the day, the competition is within yourself and your own goals. The moment you focus your energy on what someone else is doing is the moment you’ve allowed yourself to become distracted from your goals.




It's Me vs. Me, 24/7/365.







CrossFit Photogrpahy (Image 2)  by Ynot Digital Photography
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    Sarah Wilson

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