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Journey to the CrossFit Open

My journey to the Open...

In just 10 months Kendra Warren went from asking herself   "What is the CrossFit Open?" to being an integral part of team CrossFit 305, currently ranked 13th in the South East Region. Here's her take the Open season and what it has done for her physically and mentally. 

by Kendra Warren

Last year around this time I had no idea that this whole CrossFit Open Craze even existed. Sure I may have heard of CrossFit once or twice before, heard about people doing something random thing like burpees for 7 minutes & even gave it a try on my own, but I never really understood more beyond that.

By some random chance I signed up to volunteer at the 2012 South East Regionals, just because I was interested to see what all the hype was about & it was local. It didn't work out with my schedule to actually volunteer, but they still gave me a pass to watch all the action.

This single action is what has sparked the last 10 months of training. The last 10 months of day in & day out, early mornings, sore muscles, bruises, frustration, joy and passion. Just watching all the competitors that weekend lit a fire inside that said... 

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Me vs. Me : 24/7/365

by Kendra Warren


According to the dictionary this is what defines competing.  I have been an athlete all my life, whether it was on my local recreation sports team, as a competitive league athlete, transitioning to middle school, high school and college athletics. So to say I have been exposed to a competitive environment is an understatement.  As I now transition to participating in CrossFit competitions it still hasn’t quite set in that this will be like “game day”.  CrossFit reminds of the times when I was young and I went out and played because it was fun and my friends were doing it.  Yet with CrossFit it has a way of humbling you, FAST...  

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Self-Esteem is Overrated

by Bianca Senker

The Pantheon Games are only two weeks away and I’m beginning to get really nervous about my first CrossFit Competion. I’m addicted to CrossFit and am used to my nerves getting the best of me before any WOD I do, but this is a novel endeavor and feels more competitive and challenging than a typical training session at the gym. The good thing is that I’m part of a team of dedicated, strong, bright and energetic gals who inspire and motivate success through words, actions, drive and commitment. As part of our journey, we were given topics to blog about and I was given “Self-Esteem and Confidence.”

Self-Esteem is overrated

It’s all about Self Compassion if you want to feel confident and successful. 

As a special educator for students with varying exceptionalities, a coach for teachers, as well as a CrossFit athlete and coach, I understand how challenging it is to master new skills and achieve academic, athletic, performance and personal life goals. Building confidence and self worth at any given age, in any given practice, is no easy task and requires several components in order to achieve and maintain a positive sense of self.

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