Fashletics® Blog

We Stand for Strength

by Sarah Wilson

Over the course of the past five years it has been my goal to strengthen and clarify the message behind Fashletics. What started as a couple charms designed by one woman has become an extensive collection of fitness jewelry and workout clothes inspired by a community of thousands - a community that believes in physical fitness as a lifestyle, not just a "quick fix" or way to get skinny...
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Motherhood : Are We Doing It Right?

My mom has never tried to convince me to do things her way – or even that there is a “right way” to do anything at all. And still, I often find myself trying so hard to be just like her. She worked part time as my three siblings and I grew up and made attending track meets, school plays, and soccer games a top priority throughout my childhood. She worked, but my perspective as a kid based on the way she prioritized her time was that being a mom was her job.

I had a very happy childhood thanks to the way I was raised. So when I had my son I thought, “I’ll just be like my mom and my kids will be happy too”. I felt compelled to do as my mom had done because that’s what I thought of as the recipe for a “good mom”.

The only problem is, I’m not made of the same stuff my mom is made of. I started my own business in my late 20’s. When I found out I was pregnant, I had just signed a lease on my new office/studio. I was diving headfirst into motherhood and running a business at the same time. Dilemma: how can I be just like my mom if I’m not just like my mom?

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Full Time Everything

I had a lot of great conversations this week, as I do most weeks, regarding the growth of Fashletics. I spoke with gym owners, marketing firms, resellers, designers, bloggers, and more. I love this. I love that running a business has created so many opportunities for new relationships. People, generally speaking, are awesome. Especially people who are passionate about spreading the message of health and well being.

However, it is entirely possible that the most important conversation I had this week was with... my mom. This is because in the midst of all of these amazing conversations, and while building new relationships with these incredible people that will help grow Fashletics - my son got sick. I am still a new enough mom that when my little guy gets sick, I have the insatiable urge to stop the world from spinning until he is better. But I can't do that. I need to take care of him and accept that the clock keeps running, which means I also need to remain attentive to my business, to my own health, and to my household.

My inability to stop time is what prompted the call to my mom. I was overwhelmed (not the first time) so I called her on my way home from an abbreviated day at work where many tasks were left undone. "Who can do this? Who can do all of this?" I asked. I avoid the words "I can't." I don't want to hear them leave my mouth. I don't even want to be thinking them. So instead I ask  "Who can?" How is this done? Tell me how to do it all and I will.

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