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Load the Bar, Clear Your Mind : The Gym as Therapy

I forced myself into my car the other night and headed to the gym. The day nearly beat me. I wasn’t really in the mood to do anything at all, let alone heave a 14 lb medicine ball at a wall repeatedly or launch my tired body to the top of a box… and down, and up again, and down again… you get the picture.

But a weird thing started to happen as I got closer and closer to the gym. My energy levels started to rise. The effects of the terribly difficult day started to fade away. My posture straightened and my focus narrowed. I took a deep breath, filled my lungs, and then… release...

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Creating New Habits… A Walk in the Park (or Not?)

Being an athlete used to be my top priority. Back in the days when being an athlete was one of the only things I had to do. It is still near the top of my list, but sometimes my behavior indicates otherwise. It used to be so easy. And now it’s not. Now, I am a working mother running my own business with a list a mile long of things I need to accomplish each day.

I don’t point this out to complain or make excuses, and by no means does this make me unique. I am one of hundreds of thousands just trying to make it all work.

Just like every other mother, I want to be the best parent possible, but often find that my commitment to motherhood directly conflicts with my other goals.

I want to continue to be the woman I set out to be before kids… and yet, I want to be everything and more to this little person who has become the center of my universe...

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Don't Just Stand There and Look Pretty

The beautiful thing about learning a new skill is that it teaches us how to access power that we never knew we had. Toning up and slimming down is only one part of the equation. Learn how to move. Gain an understanding of how to put your strength into motion. This will give you a deeper appreciation for your body based what it is capable of, not just what it looks like...

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Wearing Our Strength

I've been designing jewelry for over 10 years now, and it has been really interesting to see which products rise and fall in and out of popularity. Long before I started Fashletics, and even before I started CrossFit, I made myself what I now refer to as a "Pep Talk Charm". I had just moved, my family was going through a tough time, and I missed my old life.

But guess what, nobody wants to attend a pity party. I took out my frustration on a piece of metal, whacked the heck out of it with a hammer, inscribed it with the word STRENGTH, and hung it on my key chain.

Many years later the charm is still there, more worn and more full of meaning than ever. I designed a version of the STRENGTH charm for Fashletics, and based on its popularity I can only assume that this word means as much to my customers as it does to me. It is a daily reminder of where we've been and what we are capable of. 

In moments of doubt we look at this word for inspiration, and in moments of victory we look at it in celebration. It has a thousand different meanings and I know that each STRENGTH charm that leaves our studio will be a part of someone's unique story.

I am proud to "wear my strength", and especially proud that so many others are wearing it with me.

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Own The Moment - An Anti-Resolution


I wasn't going to make a resolution. In fact, I was going to write a blog on being "anti resolution" this year.  Then all of the sudden it was December 27th and I found myself sitting at a cozy bar with my husband, at a quaint restaurant in my hometown, having a conversation that was not about poopy diapers or nap times... a rare moment in the life of brand new parents.

"So what's your New Year's Resolution?" my husband asked.  I rolled my eyes and replied defiantly: "I'm not making one!" Part of me didn't want to put any more pressure on myself - the kind of pressure that has come with navigating the waters of being a new mom while trying to maintain my business, my health, my identity - and part of me was just too damn tired.  Too tired to make any more promises or set any more goals.  I didn't want to think about the office waiting for me in Miami or the barbell waiting for me at the gym.  I didn't want to think about my son waking up at 4am or discuss whether or not this is normal.  I just wanted to sit in that restaurant with my husband and enjoy sitting in that restaurant with my husband.  I wanted to enjoy the moment, and every moment from here on out, fully and completely without letting the stress and pressure from the other aspects of my life interfere.

Hold on... that's starting to sound a bit like a resolution...

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