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Girl Meets Barbell

by Sarah Wilson

strong is beautiful

It's kind of crazy how therapeutic the simple act of picking up and putting down various metal objects can be, right? 

For me, it was love at first lift, but it wasn't easy getting there...

When I was a little girl, I was extremely shy. I was especially shy at the gym. My parents started taking me to workout with them when I was in middle school (which in retrospect was incredibly awesome of them). I was really into running track at my school, and they wanted to help me become better at something I loved. They paid no mind to the fact that I was the only thirteen-year-old girl at the gym, whereas I couldn't help but notice. It was one thing to run laps with my team in the comfort of my own school, it was quite another to step into an actual gym with grown adults and heavy weights...

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No Such Thing As Girl Exercises

by Christie Nix

There are no "girl exercises" okay.

When you ask a female, for squat advice, don't undermine her answer by labeling her suggestions as gender specific movements.

A male gym goer who squats often, with very limited depth, asked for my help....lets back up...he asked....for my help. I've noticed his lack of correct form but I don't engage in those conversations unless asked...

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Power Tools and Pigtails : The Dad Effect

Two amazing things about this photo:

1. My dad's moustache (which he's been rocking since 1970).
2. The fact that this photo sits amongst some of the very tools he taught me to use 20 years ago.

I now know how fortunate I am to have a dad that encouraged me do "boy stuff" when I was a kid - a dad that never played into gender stereotypes. He showed me how to use power tools and even tried to get me to play ice hockey. Though only one of these hobbies stuck, the idea that I could do anything my older brother could do has stayed with me into adulthood...

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