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We Stand for Strength

by Sarah Wilson

Over the course of the past five years it has been my goal to strengthen and clarify the message behind Fashletics. What started as a couple charms designed by one woman has become an extensive collection of fitness jewelry and workout clothes inspired by a community of thousands - a community that believes in physical fitness as a lifestyle, not just a "quick fix" or way to get skinny...
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The Art of Conversation

Any artist would probably argue that he or she is born with an insatiable desire to create.  And while the initial goal may be be simply to create, the artistic process does not end when the paint is dry, when the metal is cool, or when the last word hits the page.  In fact, it has only just begun.

I believe that connecting to an audience is one of the most important, if not the most essential aspects of designing and creating.  At Fashletics we express what is important to us through visual means in hopes of conveying a message that will fulfill and impact the lives of others.  

When I started Fashletics almost three years ago, it was quite a departure from the more sculptural type of work I was doing at the time.  I was afraid that moving away from gallery-style pieces would leave me feeling like less of an artist.  As Fashletics grew, I realized that feelings of "less" were nonexistent.  I became more engaged with my customers, more passionate about my life as it relates to health and fitness, and more excited about sharing this message with others. 

Aside from creating jewelry for the CrossFit community and fitness enthusiasts, our goal at Fashletics is to generate and take part in conversations that will inspire others to embrace their strength, to take on challenges, and to reap the rewards that come from dedicating oneself to a healthy lifestyle.  

Here is just one example of how such a "conversation" was inspired, how it grew, and how it has the potential to continue to influence and empower an infinite number of women...

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How Fashletics Made it to The CrossFit Games

It is essential to my existence that what I am doing makes a difference in the lives of others. (Not to be overly dramatic or anything.)  Fashletics is more than a catchy tagline and a collection of cute charms.  Counting the number of website hits and calculating sales revenue is not enough to keep a company going and it is definitely not enough to keep me inspired and dedicated.

Yes, I love what I do… but I love the people that I do it for even more. 

A dedication to health and fitness brings confidence, strength, balance, and happiness to my life.  I believe it is essential to survival both physically and mentally.  One of my goals with Fashletics is to spread this message.  The Fashletics collection is meant to inspire you to commit, to work, to compete, to achieve, and to take pride in your sweat and muscles.  Since the beginning of Fashletics in 2010, a lot as changed...


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Fashlete of the YEAR!

The History of Fashlete of The Month:

Fashlete of the Month started in November, 2010.  I posted a simple question on my facebook page: "What motivates you?"  Not only did I get a chain of beautiful answers, I started getting emails from people who wanted to share more about how their commitment to health and fitness has had a profound effect on their daily life. 

Fashletics has always been about celebrating the "athlete within" and commemorating people's dedication to fitness. It is about making fitness a part of your daily life and reaping the rewards that happen inside and outside the gym.  When people started sharing their personal stories with me, all I could think was "Other people need to hear this." I wanted Fashlete of the Month to become a source of inspiration full of stories of facing challenges and overcoming obstacles all through a dedication to fitness.  I am happy to say that this is exactly what it has happened...

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Heraean Games Recap - Top 6 Moments

"There's no bond like the kind that Crossfit women share.
Sisters in iron, sweat, pain and glory."

- Ivana, Heraean Games 2012  

From just 35 competitors in its first year to over 100 in it's second, The Heraean Games is quickly turning into something bigger than I could have imagined... and this is only the beginning.  Here are my top 6 favorite moments from our 2nd Annual Heraean Games, a Women's CrossFit competition...

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