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  • Forging Ahead: By Hand and With Heart
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    Sarah Wilson

Forging Ahead: By Hand and With Heart

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Most of you know Fashletics strictly as a fitness company. Barbells and burpees are a part of daily life and infinite design inspiration. Yes, the gym is a central part or Fashletics, but it shares the spotlight with one other place – our workshop.

One of the only things that rivals my interest in fitness is my passion for design and metalwork. Every single piece of Fashletics jewelry is handcrafted and as a metalsmith, that’s always been important to me. It’s my own saws, hammers, torches, and hands that shape every piece of jewelry in the collection. It's harder and it takes longer than other methods but the result is a business that I am proud of and something that I am proud to share with my kids. So much so that I credit my five-year-old son for the shift is taking place now.

kids jewelry making class

I am excited to announce that I have recently opened my workshop doors to kids of all ages. I am teaching them how to use real tools to create all sorts of things out of wood and metal. These kids have inspired me to take the Fashletics Workshop to a whole new level and transform my business. We're going beyond creating jewelry and now we're working on creating the next generation of metalsmiths, builders, and innovators.

Our new mission deserves a new name and it is Metal Monkey Workshop. My goal is to create a unique environment that unlocks creativity, encourages curiosity, and builds confidence in kids. Working with tools has always felt empowering to me - the same way I feel about barbells - and I want to share that with the next generation. What can I say? I love metal.

Fashletics jewelry will be available online until December 14th so please take this opportunity to click here and stock up on what you need for the holidays as we will not be replenishing these items. From that point on I'll be working tirelessly and passionately on developing Metal Monkey Workshop.

Our virtual store will be empty soon, but the workshop - the Metal Monkey Workshop - will be busier than ever. I hope you'll stick with me and follow along as we forge ahead with a focus on empowering the next generation.

Metal Monkey Workshop Fashletics

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    Sarah Wilson

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