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My dad once said to me: "I will never take credit for your success or responsibility for your failures."

I suppose this is true of any mentor, teacher, or coach figure in our lives. YOU are the one who shows up to do the work. YOU are the one that decides to give it your all (or not). If you are a coach, you know that not every client shows up with the same level of commitment and the people that are the most successful are the ones that choose to be, not necessarily the ones that are the most talented.

That being said, I don't totally agree with my dad's statement. In fact, some of the credit for the existence of Fashletics has to go to my dad. When I was little, he had a workshop in our basement where I was always welcome. It was in his workshop that I first learned how to use a hammer, drill a hole, and respect the saw. Every time my dad let me build something with him, my love for creating grew.

Sure, I was the one who made the choice to walk down the stairs and pull up a stool next to him... but he is the one who welcomed me into an environment that fed my passion and gave me confidence at the workbench. This unique aspect of our relationship led to a unique interest in metalwork at a young age. And here I am, all grown up, making a living using the skills that he taught me so long ago.

So in honor of Father's Day, even though my dad doesn't believe in "taking credit for my success", I'd like to give him some anyway.  I agree, we are who we are because of the choices we make, but it sure helps to have someone encouraging you along the way. I've have had the same picture of my dad on my workbench ever since I've had a workbench to call my own. It reminds me that he's been there for me since the beginning... always in my corner no matter what.

Here's to all the fathers (and father figures) who nurture the interests of their children (clients and students) by being at their sides as the explore the around them and make choices that will shape the rest of their lives.

Happy Father's Day.

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