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No Such Thing As Girl Exercises

by Christie Nix

There are no "girl exercises" okay.

When you ask a female, for squat advice, don't undermine her answer by labeling her suggestions as gender specific movements.

A male gym goer who squats often, with very limited depth, asked for my help....lets back up...he asked....for my help. I've noticed his lack of correct form but I don't engage in those conversations unless asked.

My first advice was lighten the load and work on depth and range of motion first. Master technique, the basics. But...he wasn't hearing that. My next suggestion was to incorporate box squats. I love this movement for helping anyone learn depth with the comfort of the box. I even pulled one out and demonstrated. He asked if that was a "girl exercise". Cue end of conversation.

Basically from there I realized he didn't really want to get better at squatting, and he probably doesn't respect my advice although asked for it. To him my squats are girly and his are manly (keep in mind I'm squatting more than him, but more importantly I squat correctly).

To all you strong ladies....lift loud, lift proud, and lift heavy. We haven't completely changed the perceptions of women in the weight room, but we're making a difference. Not all will understand, and honestly it changes as much with us women as men.

There are no girl exercises. There are movements, sometimes based on strength level, that need to be modified. And we modify them, get better at them, and then kick so much ass at them, the boys come asking for help.

So from now on, when I do my box squats, I'll make sure to do them as girly as possible.

Christie Nix Strong Mom

Christie Nix is a personal trainer, online coach, Army wife and busy mom of three. She has an Exercise Science degree in Kinesiology from Georgia Southern University where she played soccer as a Division 1 NCAA Athlete.

"My purpose now is to empower women, especially moms!! I want you to find your forever fit, fall in love with being strong, and feel like an athlete equipped to play the sport of life ALL OUT!"

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