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  • Valentine's Day : A Healthy Perspective
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    Sarah Wilson

Valentine's Day : A Healthy Perspective

For the record, I like Valentine's Day.  I know not everyone agrees, and I get it.  But what's wrong with devoting a day to love?  It doesn't even have to be romantic love, and there's no need to get pissed off that no one bought you roses (they're just going to die anyway... as my husband always likes to point out).

Ever since I was little, whether I had a man in my life or not, my mom always pulled through as my Valentine.  While that may sound... pathetic?... it taught me that it's fun to celebrate love, and there's plenty of it to be found whether you are in a relationship or not.

Aside from the simple fun of it, I have a huge amount of respect for the feeling of love.  Love drives us to do all sorts of crazy and wonderful things in life.  Take our February Fashlete of the Month for example.  April Lowe has had her sights set on The CrossFit Games since she discovered the sport three and a half years ago.  It is her love of the sport, her love of competition, her love of the fight that has kept her working towards her goal. 

You can pass on the heart shaped candy (if you must) but don't pass on an opportunity to take a moment to acknowledge whomever, or whatever it is that gets your heart pounding and your blood flowing.

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    Sarah Wilson

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