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The Art of Conversation

Any artist would probably argue that he or she is born with an insatiable desire to create.  And while the initial goal may be be simply to create, the artistic process does not end when the paint is dry, when the metal is cool, or when the last word hits the page.  In fact, it has only just begun.

I believe that connecting to an audience is one of the most important, if not the most essential aspects of designing and creating.  At Fashletics we express what is important to us through visual means in hopes of conveying a message that will fulfill and impact the lives of others.  

When I started Fashletics almost three years ago, it was quite a departure from the more sculptural type of work I was doing at the time.  I was afraid that moving away from gallery-style pieces would leave me feeling like less of an artist.  As Fashletics grew, I realized that feelings of "less" were nonexistent.  I became more engaged with my customers, more passionate about my life as it relates to health and fitness, and more excited about sharing this message with others. 

Aside from creating jewelry for the CrossFit community and fitness enthusiasts, our goal at Fashletics is to generate and take part in conversations that will inspire others to embrace their strength, to take on challenges, and to reap the rewards that come from dedicating oneself to a healthy lifestyle.  

Here is just one example of how such a "conversation" was inspired, how it grew, and how it has the potential to continue to influence and empower an infinite number of women.

We were inspired by this photo of Shellie



which was taken by Kimberly:



Kimberly created a photo exhibit called

"Strength and Grace" 


which was inspired by women like this:


Kimberly's exhibit inspired us to create this:



which inspired a Stephanie:

to write a blog that will that will continue to inspire a growing community of women like this:




to embrace their strength, to love their bodies, and to share this with others.

Being a part of conversations like this is a very important aspect of Fashletics.  Our jewelry designs represent our commitment to health and fitness and connect us to thousands of people who are also interested in the development of healthy attitudes and bodies.  We are as passionate about creating dialogue with our customers as we are about creating jewelry.

We encourage you to keep the conversation going, to express your strength, and share your achievements with others.  Whether you are an artist, a blogger, tweeter, instagrammer, coach, mother, athlete... you have a voice and an important message that has the potential to inspire others.  This is an art form that anyone can be a part... once you find your strength, find your voice and help others do the same.

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    Sarah Wilson
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  • Aug 06, 2012

    This is awesome….together we can change the world so the little girls that look up to us, don’t know there is any other way to live life, than with strength and grace.

    — Stephanie Vincent

  • Jul 27, 2012

    This is SOO awesome and i feel honored to be mentioned in this – and so fortunate that I got to work with so many amazing and inspirational women. This, right here, is EXACTLY what it’s all about. Thank you Sarah! (and shellie!)

    — Kimberly

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