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Fashlete of the YEAR!

The History of Fashlete of The Month:

Fashlete of the Month started in November, 2010.  I posted a simple question on my facebook page: "What motivates you?"  Not only did I get a chain of beautiful answers, I started getting emails from people who wanted to share more about how their commitment to health and fitness has had a profound effect on their daily life.  Fashletics has always been about celebrating the "athlete within" and commemorating people's dedication to fitness. It is about making fitness a part of your daily life and reaping the rewards that happen inside and outside the gym.  When people started sharing their personal stories with me, all I could think was "Other people need to hear this." I wanted Fashlete of the Month to become a source of inspiration full of stories of facing challenges and overcoming obstacles all through a dedication to fitness.  I am happy to say that this is exactly what it has happened. 

I have kept in touch with all of our past Fashletes and friendships have formed within this very special group. They chat on Facebook and through email as if they've known each other for years.  Their stories are read, shared, and re-posted over and over again throughout the virtual world.  Fashlete of the Month, something that started more or less on a whim, has become one of the aspects of Fashletics that I am most proud of.  The individuals we honor get a moment in the spotlight (and some free jewelry) and also become role models for people who are just beginning their fitness journey or who may have gotten lost somewhere along the way.  Above all, the Fashletes of the Month reminds people of the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of living a fit and healthy life. They are the definition of LIVE LOVE LIFT.

Fashlete of the Year Announcement! 

Today we are announcing our Fashlete of the Year!  After doing a "Where Are They Now?" story on each past Fashlete, we held on online vote and left the final decision up to the friends, families, and fans of our Fashletes.  We are proud to announce our winner... Tina Daneshmand! As a kid and a young adult Tina was very much a victim - she was taunted by kids in school for being overweight which destroyed her self-confidence.  This led to an eating disorder which nearly destroyed her body.  Tina serendipitously ended up at a CrossFit gym where she finally learned how to accept her body and focus on strong instead of skinny.

With a new-found feeling of self-confidence and purpose, Tina discovered that she was ready to help others.  Tina has gained so much in terms of her own strength that she is are able to give something back... and this is what being a Fashlete is all about.  Now that Tina has learned how to take care of herself, she is ready to help others do the same.

" I realized this is what I’m passionate about, this is what I was born to do, I was born to be a warrior and I learned how to do things and make changes for MYSELF and be happy. If I could do this, anyone can.

Tina is now a Certified CrossFit trainer and finds gratification in helping other find their strength, just like she has.  She also has set some pretty lofty goals for herself (which I KNOW she will achieve) including a California record in the deadlift, a sub 10 "Man-Fran", and to run 300 miles.

As Fashlete of the Year, Tina is receiving a $300 Gift Certificate from Fashletics.  Congratulations Tina! I would also like to thank all of our past Fashletes for sharing their stories and inspiring others.  It has been a pleasure getting to know each of you!



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