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We Stand for Strength

by Sarah Wilson

Over the course of the past five years it has been my goal to strengthen and clarify the message behind Fashletics. What started as a couple charms designed by one woman has become an extensive collection of fitness jewelry and workout clothes inspired by a community of thousands - a community that believes in physical fitness as a lifestyle, not just a "quick fix" or way to get skinny.

  • We believe that physically challenging our bodies on a regular basis has a positive effect on our minds and spirits.

  • We believe in breaking the mold, redefining feminine, and changing society's expectations of women.

  • Above all, we believe in strength - no matter what shape it takes.

We've completely revamped our fitness apparel collection based on these believes, and I could not be more proud or excited about these new designs. I know, I know... it's just a shirt. But is it?

CrossFit Apparel Workout Tank Top

To us it's a whole lot more, and I think I can say the same for our customers. I started Fashletics because of a passion for fitness, but while traveling down the road of athlete/designer/entrepreneur, I've realized that the world does not always share my views when it comes to strong women, and that needs to change... still, in 2015, that needs to change.

And what's the easiest way for any of us to start making change? Speak up. Live what you love and share it with others. Associate yourself with people, groups, and brands that share your beliefs. Become a part of a community. Make a statement with your words, your actions, and of course... your style! 

We hope you'll keep traveling down this road with us by continuing to raise the bar - literally and figuratively.

Please check out our new fitness apparel collection and be sure to let us know what you think! Your opinion has, and always will play a big part in the direction and mission of Fashletics.

Lift Heavy, Be Happy,

Sarah Wilson

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    Sarah Wilson
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