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A few months ago I had a Vision Board party for a group of women that I train with.  Simply put, a vision board is a collage of words and images that represent the things you want to bring into your life.  It is a way to pinpoint goals and maintain focus on achieving those goals, a road map to success and happiness.  Sounds nice right?

Exhibit A: My sad Vision Board.  As my guests cut and pasted to their hearts content I set out appetizers, filled drinks, and made sure no one ran out of glue.  Basically, I did everything I could to avoid my own board. Pathetic.

SICFIT produced a video featuring Chris Spealler and the words and voice of Michael Jordan (included it at the end of the blog). You must watch it. I am reminded of it now. The words haunt me.

"I'm scared of what I won't become." 


I look at this empty board and I realize that I am staring right at my own fear.  Have you ever wanted something so badly that the fear of not achieving it almost becomes paralyzing?  By acknowledging what I want out of life I could also potentially be setting myself up for failure. Scared. That's definitely not what I want to be but currently this board is telling me that's what I am.

BUT... all hope is not lost.  While I admit there is fear (and that's a hard thing to admit) it is not all encompassing.  Not even close. In the midst of all that empty space is a female warrior and the words REBEL ELEGANCE.  I AM that woman and so much more. 

"I know what is within me... I will become what I know I am."

Exhibit B: (See below.) These are some of the words that I quietly stashed away as my guest boldly filled their boards with visual affirmations.  Mine have been sitting in a drawer for about three months.  So now that I have confessed I am making a pledge to myself and to you (all three of you reading... hi mom) to finish my Vision Board.

These words will start to fill that white space and help support my inner REBEL ELEGANCE Warrior Woman.  She has not drown in that white pool of fear yet but I'd rather not test her any longer.

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