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Strong Body, Strong Voice : Being BLK

A few weeks ago I was invited to CrossFit Soul as part of the Progenex East Coast BLK crew. This group was chosen by Progenex based on the fact that each individual embodies the values of the brand in their own way.

This particular group was assembled by Danny Lopez-Calleja, the owner of CrossFit Soul. I've known Danny and his wife Monik since we all started out in our respective CrossFit careers 5 or so years ago. I remember bumping into Danny at events, both of us wide-eyed and excited about this up and coming sport and all of the different athletes, brands, and businesses that were emerging as a result of CrossFit's existence.

Getting involved in CrossFit changed my perspective on health and fitness and it changed the course of my career. I am equally grateful for both, and I'm sure that each coach pictured above would say the same thing.

I have had many "CrossFit lives" since I first met Danny. My first life was basically about being as hard core as possible and competing as often as possible. Next came certifications, coaching, and sharing what I loved with others. I was firing on all cylinders when Fashletics emerged as yet another result of my CrossFit obsession.

Starting Fashletics was not only about creating a successful business, it was my way of sharing my positive fitness experiences with others. It is my way of encouraging people to embrace their strength, to appreciate all that they are physically capable of, and to relish in the positive changes that occur outside the gym walls as a result of a commitment to fitness.

My "CrossFit life" has evolved over the years. I now have a two year old who keeps me on my toes as much as the next WOD. I train consistently, but have taken a break from competing in order to focus on my family and my career. To be honest, I often miss my former and relatively more "hard core" athletic days. I have not yet found a way to ramp it up to the level of my former self, but the desire to train and compete has definitely not left me.

Though my deadlift may not be what it used to, my passion for the sport and my need to share this with others is stronger than ever. This is what being BLK means. Being a part of this group serves as a way for me to continue to connect with people who share my values in regards to fitness and community (regardless of my Fran time).

Simply put, my life is dedicated to becoming stronger in all capacities and encouraging others do the same. I've realized that yes, I can do this through competing and coaching, but I can also do it through showing up to WOD, designing products that motivate and inspire, and by working every day to set a positive example for others who strive for a strong and balanced life.

There is no question that I am inspired by elite athletes. I am also inspired by each member of the BLK group and what they represent. You don't need a specific title or number of podium finishes to have in impact on your community. Above all, you need strong voice to go with your strong body. Get out there and do what you love. Share it with others. And enjoy all the smiles and muscles that come your way as a result.

For more info on Progenex BLK click here.

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