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    Sarah Wilson

True Value Goes Beyond A Good Sale

The first thing you would notice upon walking into the Fashletics studio is a lengthy wall that is lined with workbenches. These benches are covered in tools that I've been collecting since I was a teenager. My favorite hammer lies in the center; its red paint is faded and the wooden handle is soft and worn from years of use. Works in progress, sketches on torn paper, and over a decade of ideas (some realized, others left behind) rest under scraps of metal and sand paper.

Four years ago, Fashletics was one of those ideas – at first a passing thought without a name, then some doodles in a sketchbook. Slowly but surely those doodles went from two dimensions to three. A pencil was traded for a saw, a hammer, a torch, a file… until finally what was once just an idea became a physical object from which a business soon evolved.

Over the weekend we observed “Small Business Saturday”. I began thinking about all of the other businesses out there that started out like us - nothing but a daydream or a sketch on a scrap of paper. I imagine that no matter how different the business, we probably all have a lot in common. Long days and late nights. Unwavering passion. Failure. Success. It feels anything but small to me.

I truly appreciate the sentiment of Small Business Saturday, but because it falls right between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I know to consumers it must feel like yet another marketing tool - simply a way to get you to buy more stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I want you to buy Fashletics. I wouldn’t have a business if you didn’t. And yes, we are taking part in promotional madness that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While I do hope you take advantage of this, I don’t want sales and promo codes to be the only reason you choose to shop with us. 

I want you to shop at Fashletics because you love our products’ design and quality, because you value health and fitness, and mostly because when you wear something we have made, you feel inspired, proud, and recommitted to your goals.

It’s only appropriate that Small Business Saturday falls the weekend after Thanksgiving. Simply put, I am grateful that what was once just an idea has become a thriving business. Fashletics grew from the scraps of a workbench, from the efforts of two hands, and most importantly - from the support of countless individuals including you.

In the midst of the Holiday shopping madness, I feel compelled to pause and offer a heartfelt thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to contact me anytime with feedback, comments, or suggestions. Running a small business is a dream come true, but only if I know that that I am providing our customers with something of true value and significance... something that goes beyond a good sale.

Happy Holidays!

Sarah Wilson


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    Sarah Wilson

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  • Dec 02, 2014

    Chris, thanks for reading! The holiday season is great for small businesses, we just have to make sure that our relationships with our customers go beyond a retail transaction.

    — Sarah Wilson

  • Dec 02, 2014

    This is an amazing message that often gets lost in the holiday hustle and bustle of business. Thank you for being one of our vendor partners.

    — Chris

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