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Less Talking, More Lifting

Ever since we were forced to pull our "LIVE LOVE LIFT" slogan from our line (thanks to Ann Taylor LOFT), people have been asking me:

"What's your new slogan going to be??"

And trust me, one thing I am never short on is words about how much I love to workout. I blog about it, I tweet about it, I talk and talk about it. I hammer inspiring words into metal for a living. I am the opposite of a "tortured artist".

I design based on what I love, what makes me feel good... and I have an abundance of good things to say about lifting.

So coming up with a new slogan was easy. I emailed several ideas to one my favorite Miami graphic artist and he answered back with some beautiful images coupled with my personal lifting mantras.

But here's the thing, sometimes images (just like actions) speak louder than words. I should just stop talking for a sec. These two new designs say it all:

"Shut your mouth. Smile. Lift."

And maybe that's a cute slogan all of its own, but I'd rather let you be the judge.

I want this shirt to make you feel good about lifting... without saying a word.

That's the attitude I think we should take with us to the gym (while wearing this tank, of course). I love to vent just as much as anybody, yap about a workout before I do it. Talk about what I ate, how much I slept, how heavy that weight looks... bla bla bla...

STOP. Stop doubting yourself. Stop blaming external forces for how crappy you feel. Stop letting your bad day get in the way of a good workout.

Smile. This is supposed to be fun. This is supposed to make you feel good (even if at first it kicks your ass).

Lift. And lift like you mean it. Make the most of your time with the weights. Less talking, more lifting.

The weights are smiling at you. It would be polite to smile back, don't you think? :) 

There was in fact a slogan that inspired this design... can you guess what it was? Leave your guess in our comments below!

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