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CrossFit Games Time for Brick Nation

by Maddy Curley

Last year, my team, Brick CrossFit placed 3rd at Regionals. We were headed to the CrossFit Games. After a lengthy investigation, or at least what felt like forever, we were disqualified. We were found in breach of the 50% rule for the month of January. 

This was a MAJOR. BUMMER. 

I could barely drag myself into the gym to coach when I heard the news, much less train. However, my same five teammates that are going to the Games with me this year (Chelsey Hughes, Amanda Douglas Craig Avera, Joe Timm, JP Perelmutter) were exactly the opposite. They immediately started sending texts with #Games2014, "Training starts today," and other inspiring mantras. 

Lucky for me, my depression didn't last for long. JP sent me out to New York and let me help Brick NYC open.  Working along new coaches, new members and an equally inspirational city, gave me just the recharge I needed to start looking forward to 2014. 

I moved back to LA at the beginning of December 2013 and made two New Years Goals: to make it to the Games and to make the movie Chalk It Up.  I am unbelievably excited to be going to the Games. As a team, we train every Saturday and Sunday. We set the time for about 2 hours of training and yet we always end up at the gym for 4-5 hours. Usually Chelsey, Amanda and I get in a mid week WOD together as well. #girlstuff

We all thought Regionals was going to be really heavy, so I'd been working on getting all my lifts stronger in the off season. Much to my delight as we all know, Regionals was full of gymnastics!!!!  I hope this trend continues in the Games as well. 

For team training, we are expected to run, swim, and workout with a teammate at least once a week in addition to our Saturday and Sunday team training.

I'm on Level 1 Staff and the CrossFit Gymnastics staff so I travel a lot. I've found being in new environments with various coaches and athletes that train in new ways has been really beneficial to my training. Just this weekend I was in New Zealand at CrossFit Aukland and did my first ever set of tempo deadlifting.

"Variety is the spice of life" would probably sum up what fuels me as of late.

I'm still acting and writing, which help me to remember there is life outside of CrossFit. My acting friends have no idea what CrossFit is other than asking "where [I] got my arms".  I like it that way.


Questions/comments for Maddy about her diet? Find her on Instagram and Twitter: @maddycurley - or post below.

Maddy Curley is a CrossFit L1 Instructor, Coach at Brick CrossFit, and an actress in Los Angeles, CA. She is a former collegiate gymnast now on a mission to strengthen the minds and bodies of others. We welcomed Maddy as a Fashletics Ambassador in April of 2014. Click here for her full profile.

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