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Show Me What A Real Woman Looks Like

It's unfortunate that in 2014 most magazines and advertisements still have a pretty limited definition of what makes a woman beautiful. The so called "health" magazines are no better than the high fashion magazines. There is little variety of body type and a huge emphasis on skinny. It's no wonder that when we announced there would be a weigh-in for the deadlift competition at the Heraean Games (an all women's fitness competition) we were met with some adversity and a lot of anxiety... even though we were dealing with a group of competitive CrossFit women who know deep down that function trumps form. 

I can't change mainstream media (at least not overnight). What I can control both as a business and as an individual, is the types of images that I choose to put out into the world. Magazines and advertisers may not be showing us what we want to see, but social media gives us all the power to flood the world with images of what we think is beautiful. 

The women who competed at the Heraean Games on Saturday represent a type of beauty that you don't see in magazines or on runways, and I hope that they are proud of that fact. These women are my peers, my friends, my training partners, and my heroes. You may not find photos of women like this in Glamour, but that makes me love them even more.

Share your photos, show your strength, and above all -  be proud of what your body is capable of. You were made to do so much more in this life than to conform to someone else's definition of beautiful.





Photos by Cesar Roberto



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