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Forging Ahead: By Hand and With Heart

Jewelry Workshop Fashletics

Most of you know Fashletics strictly as a fitness company. Barbells and burpees are a part of daily life and provide infinite design inspiration. Yes, the gym is a central part or Fashletics, but it shares the spotlight with one other place – our workshop.
One of the only things that rivals my interest in fitness is my passion for design and metalwork. Every single piece of Fashletics jewelry is handcrafted and as a metalsmith, that’s always been important to me. It’s my own saws, hammers, torches, and hands that shape every piece of jewelry in the collection. It's harder and it takes longer than other methods but the result is a business that I am proud of and something that I am proud to share with my kids. So much so that I credit my five-year-old son for the shift is taking place now...

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Trying to Win When You Know You Can't

Sarah Wilson CrossFit

Sometimes I'm fighting for air in the middle of a workout and realize I'm still wearing my "Parent" sticker from pre-school drop-off. "Oh that's right," I remind myself, "I'm not a professional athlete... I'm a mom."

Competing used to be a huge part of my life. It was my goal to race for Team USA before I started a family. I knew I would have less time to pursue such things after having kids, but failed to recognize the fact that my drive and desire would remain. It doesn't have to be kids, there are many life events that make us feel forced to repress parts of ourselves that we so strongly identify with...

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Breaking Up With the Leaderboard

by April Lowe

April Lowe CrossFit Games

I made the decision going into this season to break things off with the leaderboard. Our relationship over the years was a very unhealthy one- I allowed it to dictate my emotions and feelings. I even based my self-worth on that darn thing.

As with any break-up, it was messy, hard and I was tempted to go back several times. My first test was going through the WZA (Wodapalooza Fitness Festival) qualifier. Initially, I experienced the symptoms similar to an addict going cold turkey. I experienced feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and irritability. It was scary having no idea where I stood or how I matched up to the other competitors.

But then over time, I started to feel a sense of peace I had never experienced during a qualification period or competition...

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Girl Meets Barbell

by Sarah Wilson

strong is beautiful

It's kind of crazy how therapeutic the simple act of picking up and putting down various metal objects can be, right? 

For me, it was love at first lift, but it wasn't easy getting there...

When I was a little girl, I was extremely shy. I was especially shy at the gym. My parents started taking me to workout with them when I was in middle school (which in retrospect was incredibly awesome of them). I was really into running track at my school, and they wanted to help me become better at something I loved. They paid no mind to the fact that I was the only thirteen-year-old girl at the gym, whereas I couldn't help but notice. It was one thing to run laps with my team in the comfort of my own school, it was quite another to step into an actual gym with grown adults and heavy weights...

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Strength Training for Women (Your Six Pack Won't Save You)

by Shondelle Solomon-Miles

I cringe whenever a woman says to me, ' I don't want to lift weights' or 'Strength is just not that important to me’.  Not so much because I think there is something inherently wrong with not enjoying strength training, weights but because of the REASON most women give as to why they don't...

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