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Lori Mathews

In the outdoors, everything is dynamic. A clear blue sky can give way to storm clouds and challenge you to change route, speed up or slow down, act quickly. I love the rush of setting out on an adventure; preparing myself and also welcoming anything that may come. -Lori Mathews, December 2011

Lori continues to live a life of adventure and exploration... of her surroundings, of herself, and of the people she cares about.  There is one word that will set the tone for Lori's 2012... here's where Lori is today and how she plans on approaching the future...

Risk. It can often have negative connotations: danger, hazard, threat. I would rather focus on what risk has granted me in life: possibility, opportunity, adventure. To risk is to try, and to trust. For me, taking a risk is to see what is possible and trust in my decisions.

As I move into the new year, I think about the healthy risks I choose to take that will open up possibilities. Leading a climbing route and trusting in myself that I (and the gear I place) will be solid and help me go higher. Advocating for myself; asking for and getting what I want. I look forward to challenges that push me physically, mentally, emotionally. These are the risks I love taking because I learn what I am capable of.  I look forward to the trust I build in myself and my capabilities by risking. As the year continues, I choose to take risks, to walk with courage, and hope to inspire others to do the same.

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