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Tina Daneshmand

Tina viewed herself as an outcast in high school.  She was overweight, had no self-confidence, and no idea how to relate to the other students. She was tormented by the other students and became obsessed with being skinny which lead her down a path of self destruction, anorexia, and a lack of confidence .  Tina serendipitously ended up at a CrossFit gym where she learned how to accept her body and focus on strong instead of skinny.

Tina has become a force to be reckoned with and continues to set big goals for herself for 2012. Here's where she is today...

HEY EVERYONE! I am so happy to have heard so many people read my article! It’s only been a couple months since it ran but I’ve turned over a new leaf! I just turned 25 & decided I’m going to make changes in my training. 

I’ve recently raised the bar & I’ve been doing double WODs a few days a week now & it’s been working out WONDERFULLY!  Last year, I hated running so I’ve been doing a lot more of that & I PR’d my mile time at 6:19, & my 40m sprint at 5.81! 

Since my story was posted, I also bench pressed for the first time in my life, ever (SHOCKING, I KNOW!) & hit a bodyweight bench press at 115# on my first attempt. I also hit a 325# deadlift! I did some research for California & apparently I’m only 39# away from breaking the California state record in my weight class!  

So, my goals for 2012 are to break the California deadlift record, have a sub 10 minute Man-Fran, run 300 miles, do at least 12 running events (I’ve completed one already!) bench press 185# & C&J 165#!  I’m LOVING life!

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