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Maggie Prior

"I live life at 110 miles per hour. I’m in medical school, do research in a lab part time, am an avid crossfitter, volunteer in clinics and with an afterschool running program for kids and in my “spare” time, signed up to run the Detroit marathon with my best friend. I’ve always been able to handle this much, and I do it on my own. But, any sane person can look at my life and know it’s too much." -Maggie Prior, October 2011

Maggie completed the Detroit Marathon but not without facing some hard truths about herself and the lack of balance in her life at that moment.  Somewhere around mile marker 14, Maggie's high speed life caught up with her and she almost didn't make it. With a friend by her side she carried on and crossed the finish line.... but it was only the beginning. Here's where Maggie is today...

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote out some long term goals and posted them where I would see them everyday to motivate myself. They're not unattainable, but they're going require a lot of work to get done. Probably even more than I realize. But, if I've learned anything in the past few months, it's that I have to have balance. 

You have to take breaks before you're forced to take them. From school, from training, from work, from life. Otherwise, even the things you do in your everyday life for fun end up feeling like a chore and additional stress. 

So, this holiday, I took a much needed break. I spent a lot of time snuggled into couches with dogs, babies, cousins, grandmas and soul mates. I did some really hard WODs, but I did easy lifting days to focus on technique and I took a lot of rest days. I always work hard; I need to rest hard too to accomplish everything that's on that list. Which, is a daunting one. But, after a few days committed to resting my head and my body, I miss my study and workout routine and I'm ready to tackle it again.

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