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Jackie Cheney

Jackie lost her second son, Elam John Cheney, on May 22, 2009.  Elam was stillborn due to an abrupted placenta.  Not only was Jackie dealing with the loss of her son, she was dealing with the "failure of her own body".  There was a lot involved in her recovery but the aspect of healing that Jackie discussed with me was the implementation of an exercise regime and goal setting. 

"There is no time limit on when you need to be done grieving.  Grieve everyday for the rest of your life if you have too.  But find a healthy way to do so.  There are still people here today and now that need you and love you.  Including yourself.  When I run I am mentally connecting with Elam.  Spending time with him in my head.  I grieve his loss, appreciate the time I did have with him... -Jackie Cheney, September, 2011

Here's where Jackie is today...

I am still running.  Some weeks better than others.  My first goal is to run the Great Idaho Potato Race 10k in May.  After that I will set the next goal. 

I have recently been working in the OB clinic, where I have had the opportunity to learn and grow in an area that has affected my life so much. 

My relationships with my family and friends have continued to grow stronger.  Even my mom joined our texting support group, where we check in with all of our success (and confess our cheats). 

Exercising a peace that it is indescribable.  I feel more focused on things that matter and so much less anxious about things that don’t.  That is not something that can be bought or sold, only worked for from deep within. 

I owe so much to others for the support and inspiration to me and many others.  I would not be here today without every one of them.  So to my friends, family and co-fashletes I thank you!!!  What you have done for me can never be paid back only paid forward and I pray every day that I can give to others what you have given me. 

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