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Jorge Ballerino

"When I started my journey with cancer I discovered that nutrition would be a big factor to my recovery. I started by understanding the true nature of nutrition and how our bodies are made up in order to implement certain foods that would create the right results.  

The first thing I understood about the body is that we are all made up of cells, millions of them and in order for anyone to reach optimum health, we must think of our body as such; millions of cells forming organs, muscles, blood, bones and the most important...our immune system." -Jorge Ballerino, August 2011

Here's where Jorge is today...

My name is Jorge Ballerino and a year and a half ago in June on 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma. 

Since my story was featured, I have continued in my healing journey achieving many things I have never would have imagined.

I lost 35 pounds, I have a BMI of 23, I have the energy of a 22 year old, and most importantly…I have NO EVEIDENCE OF DISEASE!

I now dedicate my life as Nutrition and Wellness Coach helping others find their Zen.  My mission is for everyone to believe in the very basic foundation of good health: “It is all about the food”.  I have been featured in many TV shows as a food and health expert, I have grown a business as a Nutrition and Wellness Coach helping others get healthy again and finishing a book that tells all about my journey and experiences lived while fighting cancer and how it all came together for me.  But the best news of all is the I will be the father of twins in May of this year making the best year ever!

I will never be the same.  I will never go back to where I was and I will only move forward aware that the present is all I have and I must make the best of every minute I am given.  

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