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Cindy Rhoades-Young

In June of 2011, Cindy was frustrated with not being able to do pull ups so she created a contest for herself and her gym members called "Don't Cheat on Cindy". The group trained for a friendly competition that involved a 47 day paleo challenge and doing the workout "Cindy" (As Many Rounds in 20 minutes: 5 pullups 10 pushups 15 squats) at the end of the 47 days. Here's where she is today...

After "Don't Cheat on Cindy" ended...and I still didn't have a pull up, I truly realized that success would never be defined by one thing or one movement. So, that is when I decided that in order for me to keep setting myself (and everyone else within my box) up for success, I was going to need support. It was then that Practice CrossFit's Ladies Accountability group was born. I wanted the support that we had during a WOD for everyday life...aka "CrossFit for Life." Every week the women get together and hold each other accountable for our actions and choices...inside and outside of the gym. The group has changed many lives…mine included.

I now also have been added to PCF website with a weekly blog post I call, Fight. Focus. & Forge Ahead. Along with that I started fund-raising through my gym. At Thanksgiving I raised enough money to provide 4 families with a Thanksgiving meal. And for Christmas I went bigger, we are sponsoring Christmas for entire local Abused Women & Children Shelter ("Get Into the Giving"). 14 women and 11 children will have a Christmas thanks to the Practice CrossFit family. Finally, I graduate with my BA on December 26th 2011.   

Cindy is also a part of the CrossFit Central East Regionals "Writing and Interview Media Team"

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