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Jason Lyons


“I am nominating Jason not so much for his own success story… but for what he inspires in his athletes.  When Jason started CF he was very out of shape and overweight and couldn't do much of anything.  I think it is that start that makes him such an amazing coach.  When one of his athletes accomplishes something or sets a PR, Jason is able to celebrate with them as if he himself had been the one succeeding.” -Stephanie Vincent on Jason Lyons, March 2011

Jason's dedication to training and to becoming a better athlete continues to inspire the people that he coaches.  His Fashlete of the Month story was composed of emails of praise from his athletes.  We asked Stephanie to report back to us and let us know what Jason is up to day...

I asked Jason what he learned since March and he said, “I have learned to set goals on the things that I can control and in doing so, accept whatever rewards come from the hard work.  This has translated over into my coaching and my personal life.”  

Last year Jason’s main goals were a sub 7 mile, a 500lb dead lift, muscle ups, and pistols.  This year his main goals are to practicing gymnastics three times a week and strength 2 times a week.  Jason knows that with consistent practice he will get better at the things he desires and he is willing to accept whatever measurable statistics come from focusing on his weaknesses. 

I originally nominated Jason for his ability to inspire and impact the athletes he coaches.  Jason’s personal growth lends itself to him continuing to be a powerful role model.  “Once you remove your ego, it really is quite simple.”  As CrossFitters it is easy to get caught up in what we do and cannot do, on our times and our personal records.  Getting lost in those, letting our ego run our workouts limits our potential.  Our highest potential lives not on the achievements ahead of us, but the work we put in today.  Jason is a shining example of this for the members of CrossFit King of Prussia.  The community continues to very lucky to have him as our coach.

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Jason's March 2011 Story - A Leader By Example

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