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Stephanie Cedeno

“Used to be unhappy, Used to be negative, Used to suffer chronic pain because of Arnold-Chiari Malformation (brain and spinal birth defect), Used to feel hopeless, used to worry, used to be severely overweight. Used to.” -Stephanie, November 2011

Stephanie has overcome a lot (understatement of the century).  The odds have been stacked against her since birth and for a while she admittedly gave in to her pain and categorized herself as a “medically incompetent person who would never find relief”.  She made a decision to take control of her body, changed her diet, took up CrossFit, and hasn't stopped since!  Here's where she is today...

How amazing and proud did I feel when I made Fashletics' Fashlete of the Month in February 2011? More than words could convey.

I shared my story about conquering chronic pain caused by a congenital brain and spinal birth malformation and highlighted the accomplishment of lifting 44 lbs. in a Turkish Get Up. As a reward for making Fashlete of the Month, the very talented Sarah Wilson created for me a jewelry piece inscribed with the word “IGNITE” which not only stands for my gym, Crossfit Ignite, but also takes on the meaning of all that has caused the fire and passion within me to create positive change in my life. You see, I figured out that I could a) Continue feeling miserable on pain medication, overweight, feeling like a zombie, etc. or b) I can live a healthy and active lifestyle, free of meds, free of excess weight, and better yet, free of negativity. I chose the latter. I joined Crossfit.

I had begun Crossfit in April 2010 and by February 2011, my body made significant changes, but above all, my mind was in fact what truly underwent a transformation.  

Fast forward to now and I am stronger and fitter than ever and have continued to stay dedicated and focused on my Crossfit training. I am living proof that anything is possible if you, yourself make that change happen.

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