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Lorraine Brown

"A couple of years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease called Cholesteatoma. This is when cysts grow in the middle ear and in worst cases, can enlarge and become fatal by getting too close to the brain.... During the year of her first two surgeries, which had to be done through the back of her skull, the only way I could think of to deal with the stress was to go to a gym." -Lorraine, December 2010 

So much has happened for Lorraine since Brie's original diagnosis. It hasn't always been easy but she has met each challenge with strength and determination whether it is physical, mental, or emotional. Lorraine is a modern day warrior who will never give up fighting for the things and people she loves. Here's where she is now....

Since last year’s Fashlete honor, Brie had another tumor removed. My husband, Jack and I became distant from the toll of her condition. We decided to go to counseling. We learned we needed to get on the same page somehow. After some thought, Jack joined SFCFE. He’s doing great and I’m really proud of him. We also have funny competitions going on, trying to best each other’s times!

After Brie’s surgery, I did the first Herean Games. I bonded with great women. Many of us from different gyms support each other’s milestones. We call each other “Athena Sisters.” I keep PR-ing on my lifts. I signed up for Clash of the Fittest in December. I was scared! But I persevered. Yessie and I met practiced the toe-to-bar movement in the days leading up to that competition. Shondelle and I practiced the lifts. Luz from BGI helped me with core strengthening. Out of a sense of urgency leading up to that day, I learned the toe-to-bar movement faster than I probably would have in regular training.

But the best thing is that our kids want to do Crossfit now with mommy & daddy! 

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