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The Pursuit of Strength : Olympic Athlete Cara Heads Slaughter

January 2014

Name: Cara Heads Slaughter
Age: 36
Occupation: Owner of CH Fitness and Performance

I met Cara last July at the Reebok CrossFit Games. She is bright, friendly, energetic, strong and beautiful... and this is the impression you will get within the first 5 seconds of meeting her. There is nothing I love more than speaking with women who are as passionate about lifting and strength as Cara. To some this may seem like a dull topic, meathead kind of stuff. But it is so much more. We're not just gabbing about our workouts, how much weight, how many reps, bla bla bla.  We are talking about the pursuit of strength on a broad and massive scale. It is technical, it is physical, it is mental, it can even be spiritual. You know what I mean.

Come to find out, Cara isn't just any ol' weightlifting enthusiast. Cara Heads Slaughter is a US Olympic Weightlifter with an 18 year Olympic weightlifting career under her belt. She has earned 8 national championship titles, set 2 American records, and represented  the U.S. at 5 world championships. Cara was also part of the 2000 Olympic Team in Sydney. In short, this woman is the real deal.

"...I am a cheerleader at heart; someone that genuinely wants to see people succeed in life. I consider it a privilege to get to help people train and reach their personal weightlifting or fitness goals, because it almost always means they had to overcome significant challenges to do it. Challenges are full of lessons and I value the lessons that can be learned from the discipline of Olympic weightlifting, or any true discipline for that matter. It takes courage to try a new technique, enter your first competition, or endure when your training doesn’t seem to be producing the expected results. I love coaching people through these kinds of circumstances.  I’m a very passionate person in general, but I am especially passionate about helping people pursue their goals and helping them be as successful as they want to be." -Cara

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