Fashlete™ of the Month

8 Mistakes I Made When Trying to Change My Body

Noelle Tarr, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) Coconuts & Kettlebells

Noell Tarr has been been completely consumed with studying human behavior as it relates to health and fitness for about five years now. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP™), certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association. Noelle runs a blog called Coconuts and Kettlebells, which is full of articles that educate, empower, and inspire readers to make life-altering changes in regards to health and fitness.  

Noelle's road to personal and professional success was a rocky one. She has learned as much from her own mistakes as she has from books and certifications. Her studies and life experience helped her identify and overcome disordered eating, body dysmorphia, digestive distress, weight issues, fatigue, low immune system, and anxiety... 

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Beyond the Bump : Training Through Pregnancy & Life After Baby

March Fashlete of the Month
Name: Christie Nix
Occupation: Army Wife, Busy Mom, Trainer, Online Coach, Blogger

Christie Nix, also known as FitNix on social media, is a busy mom of three who has always had a passion for fitness. Christie has an Exercise Science degree in Kinesiology from Georgia South University where she played soccer s a Division 1 NCAA Athlete. However, life after college proved to be quite different for Christie...

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Transform Your Body and Mind : Challenge Equals Change

Name: Shondelle Solomon Miles
Age: 40 and Fabulous

Occupation: Owner of CrossFit 954/Coach

There are two main criteria for being chosen as a "Fashlete":

1. The individual is committed to health and fitness in a way that has changed her life in significant ways. You can't help but look at her and say: "Oh WOW".

2. The individual uses her knowledge and experience to help others do the same. She will look right back at you and say: "Now let me show you how." 

As long as I've known Shondelle, she has always had that "Oh WOW" factor. She attacks life with an intense energy, often with her two young kids in tow. She loves life and wants you to love it too. Since graduating from Columbia University in 1996, it has been Shondelle’s personal and professional mission to improve and transform lives via the vehicle of health and fitness.


Shondelle opened Synergize!, a multifaceted small-group personal training center after graduating with her Masters in Sports Medicine from University of Miami. Additional certifications have followed and she has no doubt become an expert in body fat loss and weight management for men and women.

BUT… being an expert is not enough. Some of the best coaches are the ones who seek out experiences in which they do not necessarily excel. A true leader will face her own fears in order to become stronger both mentally and physically. And once the fear is conquered, she will lead others down their own dark and daunting paths until they too find the first break of light...

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No Comparison

Name:  Annette Miller
Age:  33
Occupation: Audit Senior Associate for Cigna-HealthSpring

As a young child, Annette let someone else's words define who she became.  At age 30, Annette finally decided to move past the hurtful words and become the woman she always wanted to be. 

"You're Too Fat"

At age 10, Annette came home from school with a permission slip to play on the basketball team.  Instead of getting the required signatures, she was told by her own family that she was “too fat”.

The words “You’re too fat” kept Annette from playing basketball and followed her into adulthood.  The words kept Annette from participating in sports, from seeing herself as someone with athletic potential, and ultimately from ignoring her overall health.  By the time she reached 30, Annette was 385lbs...

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Busy Mom Gets Fit

March 2013

Name: Valerie Solomon
Stay at Home Mom/part time personal trainer/part time entrepreneur/Creator of Busy Mom Gets Fit

\With four kids and a husband deployed to Afghanistan, Val knew she would need to find a way to keep her mind and body busy.  "One of the hardest things about being an Army wife is to learn to do things to make every day count, even while you are wishing days away during the deployments."

It was a pleasure interviewing Val and finding out how she became the fit and confident woman you see pictured here, how she manages her busy life, and how her family benefits from her commitment to health and fitness.  She has a lot of wisdom to share... enjoy!

You were an athlete as a teenager and athletic as a young adult… how did that change when you started having kids?

I was a competitive swimmer as a teenager.  I had muscle then, but I really did not appreciate it.  I didn’t really want to be different.  I remember being excited that my thighs got really thin a year or so after I stopped swimming and strength training.  Hey, I looked like the magazine girls finally.

In my 20’s, I had 4 children.  For the first 3 pregnancies, I just cut calories and did cardio to lose the baby weight.  It worked, but each year that went by, I lost muscle also.  I was left with a thin, size 2 body, WITH CELLULITE!  Ahh!  Skinny fat. Read More
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