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Beyond the Bump : Training Through Pregnancy & Life After Baby

March Fashlete of the Month
Name: Christie Nix
Occupation: Army Wife, Busy Mom, Trainer, Online Coach, Blogger

Christie Nix, also known as FitNix on social media, is a busy mom of three who has always had a passion for fitness. Christie has an Exercise Science degree in Kinesiology from Georgia South University where she played soccer s a Division 1 NCAA Athlete. However, life after college proved to be quite different for Christie...

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Erica Willik : Inspiring Everyday Women to Become Warriors

February 2014

Name: Erica Willik
Age: 32
Occupation: CEO of GORGO Women’s Fitness Magazine, Senior Financial Maganger, Wife & Mother

Erica Willick is the CEO of GORGO Women's Fitness Magazine - an online publication named after the ancient Spartan Queen GORGO. The women of Ancient Sparta trained for battle alongside the men, and were famously independent. GORGO is based on a similar premise and believes that modern women are everyday warriors.

Erica and her partner Valerie Solomon have coined the phrase “GORGO Girl” to describe a growing subculture of strong, empowered women who don’t fit the mold created by your typical fitness or fashion magazine.

At GORGO we aren't catering our magazine to advertisers or newsstand sales, we are publishing articles that everyday real women are craving to read about.  We also use images that few fitness magazines would use...they are unedited and spotlight everyday fit women.

There was a time in Erica's life when "athletic" was not a word that she would have used to describe herself. Erica credits her success in the fitness world not to natural ability, but to an incredible work ethic.

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