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Angi Greene Fletcher: Finding Strength

Angi Greene Fletcher: Athlete, Model, Mother

Angi is a successful Triathlete, fitness model, and mother. Because of her impressive athletic talent, her physical beauty, and her loving relationship with her son, Angi is the kind of woman that many of us aspire to be like. After interviewing Angi and hearing her speak on this podcast, I have definitely become one of those women… but not necessarily just for the reasons mentioned above. She is so much more than a beautiful athlete and her commitment to fitness is about so much more than booking modeling gigs or winning races.

For Angi, triathlon training was a literal lifesaver. She went from pack-a-day smoker to competitive triathlete all while balancing her career and raising her son as a single parent...

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Passion is Power : CrossFit Women = Strong

JUNE 2013

Name:  Megan Cannon
Age:  29
Occupation: Full-time Secretary for Grandfathers Construction Company

How does one woman's idea become a community of over 70,000 individuals? 

Passion. Passion is power.

I "met" Megan the same way that many people (76,101 people to be exact) have met her - through her Facebook Page, Women of CrossFit = Strong.  Megan's fan base is a testament to her genuine passion for the sport and her ability to encourage, and inspire strong women worldwide.  I was curious about the woman behind the page, how she got started, and where she plans on going.

Although Megan has told me that she does not see herself as anyone "special" in the CrossFit world, I have to disagree.  Not only has she created a motivational online community, she is also quite the athlete herself.  She is a new mom (mother to 9 month old Liam) and just competed in the South Central CrossFit Regional in the team division. In my opinion, she is not just someone special in the "CrossFit world", she's someone special in the world. Period.

I am very excited to share this interview.  I hope that you will visit Women of CrossFit = Strong and become involved in the amazing community that Megan has created. Enjoy!

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Busy Mom Gets Fit

March 2013

Name: Valerie Solomon
Stay at Home Mom/part time personal trainer/part time entrepreneur/Creator of Busy Mom Gets Fit

\With four kids and a husband deployed to Afghanistan, Val knew she would need to find a way to keep her mind and body busy.  "One of the hardest things about being an Army wife is to learn to do things to make every day count, even while you are wishing days away during the deployments."

It was a pleasure interviewing Val and finding out how she became the fit and confident woman you see pictured here, how she manages her busy life, and how her family benefits from her commitment to health and fitness.  She has a lot of wisdom to share... enjoy!

You were an athlete as a teenager and athletic as a young adult… how did that change when you started having kids?

I was a competitive swimmer as a teenager.  I had muscle then, but I really did not appreciate it.  I didn’t really want to be different.  I remember being excited that my thighs got really thin a year or so after I stopped swimming and strength training.  Hey, I looked like the magazine girls finally.

In my 20’s, I had 4 children.  For the first 3 pregnancies, I just cut calories and did cardio to lose the baby weight.  It worked, but each year that went by, I lost muscle also.  I was left with a thin, size 2 body, WITH CELLULITE!  Ahh!  Skinny fat. Read More

Nom Nom Paleo

September 2012


Name: Michelle Tam
Occupation: Clinical Night Pharmacist at a large hospital  

Michelle Tam is the talented woman behind the popular Paleo blog Nom Nom Paleo.  Michelle majored in Nutrition & FoodScience at Berkley and later earned a doctorate in clinical pharmacy at UCSF.  In the summer of 2010, Michelle made the decision to go Paleo and read everything she could about the science behind the Paleo diet.  She started Nom Nom Paleo to chronicle her culinary adventures, share tips, and post recipes.

With tens of thousands of loyal readers, several food industry blog awards, and her own highly praised iPad recipe app, Michelle is considered to be an expert in all things Paleo.  From her delicious recipes to her mouth-watering food photography, Michelle covers it all.  And there is so much more....

Spend a little while reading Michelle's blog and not only will you find delicious recipes and insightful nutrition advice... you will get a peak into her busy (very busy) life as a wife, mother of two young boys ("The Double-Os"), CrossFitter, and Clinical Night Pharmacist working the graveyard shift at a large hospital.  Michelles's inclusion of her day-to-day routine is just as helpful and inspiring as her Paleo knowledge.  In addition to learning some great recipes I have learned a lot about the great balancing act of life.  While raising two boys and working nights, Michelle still manages to make fitness and nutrition a priority - not just for herself, but for her entire family.  That's right, the Double-Os are Paleo too!

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The Strength to Endure

April 2012

Name: Susan Wallis

ccupation: Retired High School Teacher

1982 - A 29 year-old Susan Wallis runs a local 5k with a group of women from the school where she teaches high school math.  She’s hooked.

1988 - Susan qualifies for the prestigious Boston Marathon (26.2 miles) with a time of 3 hours and 19 minutes (7:35/mile pace).  Qualifying in 1988 was tougher than in 2012. Today, a 35 year old woman would “only” have to finish in 3 hours 40 minutes or better (8:23/mile).

1991 – An experienced training buddy tells Susan that she is in shape to do an Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run).  What a great friend!  With little knowledge of swimming or cycling, Susan signs up for the first Great Florida Triathlon, a brand new “iron-distance” race.

2012 - Susan is 59 years old, a mother of two, and a retired school teacher.  I’ve come to learn that Susan is as humble as she is talented and I can thank her daughter Chrissy for nominating her for Fashlete of the Month.

Since her first triathlon in 1991, Susan has completed AT LEAST one ironman per year, and at most THREE.  Her total to date is 36 Ironman/iron-distance races.  That’s 86.4 miles of swimming, 4,032 miles of cycling, and 943.2 miles of running… and that’s just the racing part.  Imagine the ground she has covered in training!

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