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Passion is Power : CrossFit Women = Strong

JUNE 2013

Name:  Megan Cannon
Age:  29
Occupation: Full-time Secretary for Grandfathers Construction Company

How does one woman's idea become a community of over 70,000 individuals? 

Passion. Passion is power.

I "met" Megan the same way that many people (76,101 people to be exact) have met her - through her Facebook Page, Women of CrossFit = Strong.  Megan's fan base is a testament to her genuine passion for the sport and her ability to encourage, and inspire strong women worldwide.  I was curious about the woman behind the page, how she got started, and where she plans on going.

Although Megan has told me that she does not see herself as anyone "special" in the CrossFit world, I have to disagree.  Not only has she created a motivational online community, she is also quite the athlete herself.  She is a new mom (mother to 9 month old Liam) and just competed in the South Central CrossFit Regional in the team division. In my opinion, she is not just someone special in the "CrossFit world", she's someone special in the world. Period.

I am very excited to share this interview.  I hope that you will visit Women of CrossFit = Strong and become involved in the amazing community that Megan has created. Enjoy!

1. What inspired you to start Women of CrossFit = Strong?

I was inspired to start this page, because I went searching for a page to talk about CF! I knew there had to be one, since back then it was getting big and lots of people were talking about it, but on the search on FB, I came up with nothing. I thought, how hard could it possibly be to start one, and just share inspirational posts, and just get to talk about it with other people. Since my friends on my personal page were annoyed with me talking about it ha ha, I knew other women out there were getting that same response!

2. Did you have any idea how popular it would become when you first started?

NEVER did I think it would be this big. I honestly thought I would just pick up the local ladies from around here and we could chat about it, share our stories, goals and accomplishments! I am still shocked daily with the response it has gotten over the last 3 years!

3. How often do you post, and how do you decide what to post?

I try and post ever hour! I have an amazing helper, Shannon Dearing who helps me, answer questions, answer emails and shares some amazing inspirational posts. The awesome thing about it, she lives in Idaho, I live in Louisiana, and we have NEVER met in person. She found my personal page, and I instantly saw her motivation and inspiration was EXACTLY how I felt and asked her if she would be interested in helping me. She started helping me when the page was at about 2,000 fans I believe. This page would NOT be what it is without her posts, her advice to all the ladies and especially her encouragement to them all!

4. There are many CrossFit/Fitness related pages out there, what makes "Women of CrossFit = Strong" unique?

What is so very unique about "Women of CrossFit= Strong" is the fact that we celebrate EVERY single woman who takes on CrossFit in their lives. Don't get me wrong we love the "Elite" women of this sport, but they get enough publicity from CFHQ and vendors and many others, what we do here is celebrate EVERYONE who CF's! We share their stories of success, their pictures of there accomplishments and celebrate with them of there goals also!  We believe in supporting each other and giving them a safe place from negativity and ridicule. Since we don't allow a negative post on the page, women feel "safe" here to come and share things they would never be able to share anywhere else! After all CF is about lifting each other up, never tearing them down!!

5. What are some of the most surprising things you have learned about CrossFit women through this page?

I have learned that there are SO many women out there that come from some amazing backgrounds, and some of them so similar to mine. That these women didn't take on this sport to become a top elite competitor, but to just find the "strong" women within themselves. To bring themselves back from diversity, to stand up for what they believe in, and finally have a voice of what a strong women is! 
I had an amazing journey through staring this page, and some shocking ones, I found out I was pregnant, and all I was thinking was how will I ever keep doing CF, or  have a chance to compete this coming year. Well from Dr's approval I was able to remain CF'ing throughout the pregnancy, listening to my body, and modifying the WOD's accordingly. After giving birth via Csection, I was told I was not going to have time to get my strength back for this years regional by a couple fellow CF'ers. Well that filled my heart with fire and from them on, I was on a mission. Even with my husband having to have 2 major surgery and having to take care of him and our now 9 month old son along the way, I did in fact compete in the open and finshed 125 in our Region, and our team finished 5th in the open, and traveled to South Central 2013 Regionals!
I am ALWAYS sharing these types of stories with them, because I too believe that if you want something bad enough, the sky is the limit! Also helping them see that, if they want it bad enough, to not listen to the people who can't say it wont/cant be done.....to show themselves that it can be, if they truly believe in it!

6. Are there any posts that stand out in your mind that have made a significant impact on your life?

I find myself being inspired with every single women's story! When I get the emails that start of as "This is my story and it is something that has been bottled up inside and scared to share with the world, but from your page, I have found a strength I never knew I had, and feel safe in turning this story over to you to share, because I hope it to inspire others"

I can't tell you how many times I get those, and get goosebumps and so very eager to share! The thing is, I don't pick through emails, we read every single one, and post EVERY single story sent to us. We don't choose whose might reach more, or whose might  be more inspiring, because EVERY single one deserves to be shared and those women deserve there moment to feel the accomplishment they so deserve!

7. What is your plan for the page now, and how has that plan changed since you first created it in 2011?

The plan for the page isn't changing. WE hope to get more women to "like" the page and share it, and know that what we have built is a safe place for them! We will always be here to motivate, inspire everyone who so chooses to be inspired, but either motivational posters with messages, or the TRUE REAL LIFE stories of the fans of this page!

8. Is there anything you would like the readers of this interview to know about your page?

I am always stating that this page is not about me, nor do I ever wanna become "famous" for creating it. I simply want the ladies to know that I built this page for THEM! It is there page to come and share whatever they so choose and know that they will always get and receive a positive message from us and all the other fans of the page! WE as women in society tend to be judgmental on others....well NOT here! Here we are equal, as we all took on this sport, and it is impacting our lives in different ways!

As our Fashlete of the Month, Megan is receiving this customized sterling silver necklace from Fashletics®.  The charm is engraved with a word that commemorates her personal journey and the powerful impact that she has made with Women of CrossFit = Strong. We chose the word PASSION for Megan because it became clear after her interview that this is the driving force behind all of the things that make her such a remarkable woman.

PASSION, and more importantly acting on that passion, is exactly what makes Megan a perfect Fashlete - she understands the connection between physical fitness and living life to its fullest.  She is an outstanding woman and leader in a community.  She is someone who is committed to encouraging positive change inside and outside the gym walls. 

We are very proud to welcome Megan Cannon to the Fashletics family!

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  • Jun 04, 2013

    I’ve never met Meg..but love her posts and she truly is an inspiration to all of us women out there. She posted my story almost a year ago and the responses I got back from all the women were amazing! Such support!! Meg is a wonderful and helpful awesome person!! I am proud to say I know her through FB. :)

    — Nancy Dean

  • Jun 04, 2013

    Meg doesn’t only inspire women. I see her in the box teaching guys and girls different techniques to help them get better.
    But I personally get motivation from the posts and messages from her page.

    — Casey Strobel

  • Jun 03, 2013

    Love this girl! She is an awesome teammate and having her believe she can do it and compete in regionals was something I was proud to watch her overcome post pregnancy. You are an angel a CrossFit Angel at that.

    — Shellie Guidry

  • Jun 03, 2013

    Megan is one of best friends and a teammate. She continues to challenge me in each workout as well as remain a positive influence in my life. Her sister was my college roomie so I thank her for introducing us! We all continue support Megan and always will. She is truly is a special person who’s heart is larger than life!

    — Shea Hare

  • Jun 03, 2013

    Meg is so deserving. She is one of the most positive women I know. She has and continues to be a great motivator and inspiration to me. Proud to call her my friend!

    — Denise Hughes

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