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Showout Meg : Work Hard, Play Hard

MAY 2013

Name: Megan Parsons a.k.a "Showout Meg"
Age: 32
Occupation: Head Coach at CrossFit Central & Managing Director of Relentless Boot Camp

1. What does it mean to be a "Showout"?

A Showout is a strong, confident individual. They are comfortable in their own skin and live life to the fullest. A Showout works hard and plays hard. His/her life is all about balance and fun.  I often use the word to refer to myself, my friends, and clients, but it also can be used as an adjective or verb based on someone’s behavior or actions. For example, Paige is showin’ out with her tight, red pants and red lipstick!

2. You have incredible energy and seem to value fun as much as you value fitness. Two questions here -

        a. How do you keep training fun for yourself even when things get challenging physically and/or mentally? 

I remind myself of my goals. It is easy for me to get caught up in thinking I should compete in the CrossFit Games when I am surrounded by a competitive atmosphere all the time at CrossFit Central; however, I look at my goals and see the big picture for me. I train because I love it, I want to inspire others,  and I want to look good! I like variety in my training. Currently my training schedule involves strongman/underground strength training, sprint track workouts, yoga, and a skills/strength day.  By having a variety in my training, I don’t get bored and have fun at each workout.

        b. How do you keep things fun for your clients?  

I am adamant on having my clients let me know their goals up front and then we come up with a reasonable, attainable plan. Often times I see clients go all or nothing when they jump into a fitness program, and they end up beating themselves up when they can’t maintain the integrity of being “perfect” day in and day out.  I truly believe I can relate with my athletes with where they are and remind them that their athletic journey is only one part of life and not their entire life.  When they understand that consistently showing up and working hard is what it’s all about, training becomes fun and not a chore.

I am big on class happy hours and developing friendships outside of the classes I coach. I communicate with my athletes via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram quite a bit, and we all get to see each other in a different light besides only working out.  In class, I like to do partner workouts once a week in an effort to build team camaraderie and provide the opportunity for my athletes to push each other.

3. Aside from having fun, what do you think are the most important elements of your training program that keep people coming back?  

RESULTS. Of course I want my clients to have fun, but if they are not getting the results they want, then I would not expect them to come back. Like I mentioned above, I want to know my client’s goals within the 1st week of them joining my programs. From there we can work together to help them reach their goals the fastest way possible.

4. What is it about CrossFit that sets it apart from any other training program that you have tried?  

VARIETY.  You never know what is going to be programmed on the white board, and you have to show up and get after it. Also, in boot camps I get to pick what I want to program for each class. I love the variety of working with kettlebells, Dynamax med balls, and body weight movements. The sky is the limit and there are so many different combinations to work from when writing up the WODs.

COMMUNITY. The community I am a part of in Austin is unbreakable. I am surrounded by phenomenal coaches and clients who truly care about me. It is more than showing up and coaching for an hour; it is developing life-long friendships and changing people’s lives from the inside out.

5. As a coach, you are usually the one in the leadership position. Who do you turn to when you need guidance or coaching?

To be completely honest, I am looking for a mentor right now. The person who I turn to for advice is my Dad. He is solid and listens to me with an open-mind but gives no bull shit feedback. I know when I need to vent to him he will listen, and when I ask for his feedback it will not be sugar-coated.

6. What are some of the benefits you see from having a Women's Only CrossFit class? 

Women’s Only provides a non-threatening environment, especially for the new gal, and the perfect opportunity to meet other ladies who have similar interests. Ladies love to talk, show off their newest workout attire, and laugh—the Women’s Only class provides this opportunity all while doing the same CrossFit WODs seen in our coed classes.

7. How is your Women's Only class different from other classes in terms of programming, the "vibe", the goals, etc.  

In terms of programming, the workouts are exactly the same as we see in our coed classes. However, since the ladies I coach are fairly new to CrossFit, I add in supplemental warm-ups to work on skills they struggle with in class--- pull-ups, perfect pushups, handstand kick ups, wall walks, and kipping.

The vibe in class is all about FUN! Every morning when I show up I ask the gals what music they are feeling that day, and I turn to the station they select and crank up the jams. We recap the weekend or the week during the warm-up and then work hard when I yell, “3, 2, 1 GO!” My Women’s Only class is called A2A, which means Ass 2 Ankles. These gals know how to drop it like it’s hot now.

8. What is one of your proudest coaching moments?  

There are a lot! From having athletes shed 30+ pounds and walking around with their shirts off for the 1st time ever; to my endurance junkies cutting back on their long distance training and incorporating sprints and boot camp and shedding 15 minutes or more off their half-marathon times; to receiving an email from a lady sharing how boot camp has improved her marriage by simply improving her confidence. When I see athletes change from the inside out, I know I am coaching my clients exactly how they need to be coached.

9. What is one of your proudest personal athletic moments?  

Racing to the top of Frost Bank Tower in a firemen suit for Fight for Air climb in honor of my grandparents battle with cancer. The previous 2 years I won the race so I decided to take it to the next level and add 40+ pounds to my body and climb. Before I even started the race, I was tearing up because last year had been such a rough year with losing my grandpa, but the sense of accomplishment of doing something in honor of someone else is beyond rewarding.

10. What goals have you set for 2013?

·       Beat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) to the curb and write about my journey in a national publication

·       Pay off all credit card debt

·       Sold out Relentless Boot Camps in all my coaches classes

·       Showout brand fully launched—new website, apparel, and online coaching

·       Say YES—to more dates, to trying new adventures

As our Fashlete of the Month, Megan is received this customized sterling silver necklace from Fashletics® engraved with the word of her choice. She chose the word BALANCE because it encompasses every bit of who she is-- work hard, play hard.  Megan values balance in her life, making sure that she never becomes too extreme with one thing in particular.  This balance ensures that she will not miss out on any of life's incredible opportunities

This attitude is exactly what makes Megan a perfect Fashlete - she understands the connection between physical fitness and real life.  She has become a leader in a community that is committed to encouraging positive change inside and outside the gym walls. 

We are proud to welcome SHOWOUT MEG to the Fashletics family!  

Connect with Megan on twitter: @showoutmeg and Relentless Bootcamp: @relentlessATX

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  • May 02, 2013

    This is a very well deserved honor. Megan is an amazing person. Great article and it totally captures Megan and what she stands for. So proud of her and blessed to know her.

    — Leigh Ann Sedam

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