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©Kimberly Potterf Photography/www.kimberlypotterf.comFebruary 2012

Name: Shellie Edington

ccupation: Owner of Tumblin4Kids Mobile Gym, Mother of 3, CrossFit Games Competitor 

Building Her Passion

"Tumbling, swinging, jumping, has always been a joy to me. I am still amazed at what feats the human body can do and I believe anyone can do it. I understood at an early age that in order to do all those cool tricks I had to eat, sleep and train smart."

Q. What is your Earliest athletic memory?

A. Impossible to say, my parents hung me from the clothesline while they hung laundry and I have pictures of myself at age 18 months standing on my tricycle seat. I always had a ton of energy and my parents were constantly challenging me, believing in me when other parents would have fainted. My parents enrolled me in dance and acrobats at the age of 3. I wanted to go every night!

I was consumed by a drive and passion to be Olga Korbut! To do the cool things they did on TV. No matter what it took. I was unable to get into a gymnastic center until age 13 but began competing 6 months later. I went from school to dinner to the gym everyday M-F and Sunday for 4 hours each day. I loved it, it was what I desired. When you love something, discipline comes easy.

Building Her Family

"As I grew into adulthood, I married a wonderful man, and we had 3 beautiful daughters in less than 4 years."  

Q. How did building a family affect your athletic life?

A. I gave myself to my babies, I worked out up until I delivered our first child. We had 3 sweet little girls in less than 4 years—I was 26 after the birth of our 3rd daughter. I continued to go to the gym as time permitted with the first child but after we had 3 I gave up for about 8 years on consistent exercise outside the home. I did Joanie Greggin’s and Denise Austin’s VHS tapes in my living room! I knew that my family was worth the sacrifice plus we were a very active family.

Building Her Business

"I soon realized that not all children had the upbringing on athletics and nutrition that I had. I wanted to make a difference in children’s lives – to help direct them onto the road of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. I am proof that attitudes regarding sports and exercise are developed at a young age.  I want those attitudes to be positive! I started Tumblin4Kids Mobile Gym in 2000. We have over 500 students and travel to 30 different locations in Ohio."

Q. When did you notice the lack of athletic focus of other children? What did you do to change that?

A. When my girls were all of preschool age I became a lead toddler teacher. WOW! I was totally blown away by the laziness or lack of physical knowledge of the staff during “Free Play”. It was basically bullies picking on the weaker children and the teachers constantly redirecting them. I decided to take a cd player into the muscle room and we got moving! My toddlers loved “Skip to My Lou”, “Stop and Go”, “Do the Pony!” and many more fun songs that encourage movement skills (the students were able to opt out if the wished but rarely did). 

I started researching movement in young children and what was age appropriate for my children and my students. I began incorporating the elements into our lesson plans with huge success. I also realized that many preschools did not have a teacher/director that saw this deficit in their curriculum, that is when the idea of Tumblin4Kids Mobile Gym was born. Nutrition in our country is just ridiculous, the food they are allowed to serve in schools canned, processed, full of sugar and additives—truly disastrous for a growing child’s health.

REBuilding Herself

"I started Crossfit in September of 2010.  I was unable to do a strict pull up and was wanting to get in shape again.  I had sacrificed my body for 10 years building the business plus was tired of slogging along a the local gym. Crossfit did it for me. I love it, at 47 I feel better and stronger than I have in years!"

Q. After 10 years of focusing on your business, how did you get yourself back into shape?

A. A parent suggested I check out CrossFit and they gave me a name of the person that owned a gym. I went and was kind of surprised at how different the gym was compared to Lifestyles where I had been going. I was truly humbled and shocked when I could not do a pull up. I weighed more than I ever had not being pregnant and I had fat on my belly—which did not really bother me! What bothered me was I was so weak, and there was so many things I could no longer do. I wanted to do them again, I wanted to be really good at all that CrossFit stuff...the passion reignited! Thankfully they had WOD’s when I could be there and I went! Working out is now one of my main priorities everyday, along with eating, sleeping, family & working.

Q. How has your life changed since finding a balance between business, family, and your own health?

A. I am stronger, with functional muscle and a functional body. I have inspired others to get moving, my husband, brother, cousins and 1 daughter all train in CrossFit. My middle daughter has decided to train to be an IFBB Figure competitor. The ripple effects are amazing! People (co-workers, friends, family) that my family have inspired are now doing CrossFit. It is an amazing community of wonderful people. I have worked out in boxes in Ohio, Florida and Alabama—and the CrossFit community is amazing!

My mental toughness has increased 10 fold, my ability to “embrace the suck” has risen to where I am able to recover somewhat after a WOD before I leave the gym. I have been educated on foam rolling and mobility work that will save my joints. I am excited about going into my 50’s, 60’s and 70’s because of the wonderful CrossFit athletes that inspire me everyday!

Q. You seem to have it all figured out! What's your secret?

A. Priorities, planning and preparation. My family understands that CrossFit is a HUGE part of my life and that I work out everyday for an hour and a half. Having a supportive husband, parents and all our children grown helps tremendously! 

Thank you Shellie for sharing your story, your knowledge, and your passion! Shellie is receiving this handmade, one-of-a-kind necklace from Fashletics as a token of our appreciation for her dedication to her own health and fitness and the health and fitness of so many others.  Shellie chose the word "DESIRE", the key component to having the discipline to do what she does everyday... change lives.

"I loved it, it was what I desired. When you love something, discipline comes easy."

Shellie's photos were provided by ©Kimberly Potterf Photography/www.kimberlypotterf.com

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  • Mar 14, 2012

    Great article! Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story! Awesome!! I agree it’s easy if you love it too.

    — Stephanie Roehm

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