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Mama Pitbull

January 2012

Name: Amy Albert

ccupation: Firefighter, Palm Beach Fire Rescue

As a mother of two, an accomplished athlete, and a Firefighter, it is easy to see why Amy is the perfect choice for Fashlete of the month.  But what makes Amy's selection extra special is that she was nominated by her twin sister Amber. As tough as this duo is, Amber's pride and love for her sister is touching and even brought a tear to my eye (okay fine, more than one tear). After all, success means so much more when you have someone you love to share it with...  Amy and Amber have the LIVE LOVE LIFT thing down! Here is Amber's tribute to her sis...

 “You don’t always have to give 110%” our mother would say to Amy all the time while growing up.  My identical twin sister Amy is by far one of the most remarkable athletes and human beings I know.  As long as I can remember Amy has been the most determined, compassionate, and hard working individual.  There are many stories of Amy’s athleticism that I could share, so I will give you a few examples of some of the good ones.  Amy is like a pit bull, she has no cut off, a high threshold for pain and will go to complete exhaustion.  Our mother would always tell her that “you don’t have to be the best” Amy would just smile and do her best, which was always above and beyond what most could accomplish.

Amy and I played water polo in high school, when we arrived at Florida State University our freshmen year we both realized that there was no women’s water polo team.  So you ask yourself, what did Amy do?  Amy played with the men’s water polo team, not an easy feat.  Amy took it upon herself her sophomore year to help establish the FSU women’s water polo team and become the first President.  After many water polo games Amy would complain that her arm would become numb, most would probably stop whatever physical activity they were doing if something like that occurred, not Amy!  In fact Amy was swimming half the game with her shoulder dislocated!  She would just push past the pain.  

After college Amy dabbled in figure competitions and nutrition.  About 2 years ago Amy fell in love with her next sport, Crossfit!  Amy not only excelled as one of the top female athlete in the gym but regularly beat out most of the men.  She was named athlete of the year for 2010 and is always striving to better herself and those around her.  She is quick to welcome new members and always motivates those around her.

Last year I had the pleasure of competing in the Ragnar Relay with Amy and we ran from Miami to Key West on a 12 person team.  Of course we decided to do this race as a fun weekend activity (with no prior training other than Crossfit).  Amy and myself had never run any distance greater than a 5K, so why not run 26 miles over the weekend!  Amy had the longest single leg of the race, a total of 11.9 miles, she ran in the dark through Key Largo with a head lamp and reflective vest at an astonishing pace.  I was extremely nervous running my second leg after her, in the dark and wasn’t sure I would be able to run 9 mile straight, she gave me the best advice that anyone has ever given me.  She said “don’t stop!”  I took her advice to heart and ran like Forrest Gump, passing my team at a rest station and yelling to them that “Amy said I can’t stop”.  I finished strong and owe it to her, she was my driving force to completing the Ragnar Relay.  By the way, I believe I forgot to mention that after the race, Amy found out she was a month pregnant.

My awesome twin sister is not only a wife and firefighter, but an amazing mother of two beautiful children, a little girl named Livia who is 2 years old and a new baby boy named Lex who is 4 months old.  She leads an active lifestyle with her two children.  Her little girl Livia has grown up at South Florida Crossfit Endurance, from learning to crawl, her first steps, to hanging from the pull-up bars.  Amy always has her kids at the gym showing them that an active lifestyle is a priority in her life and theirs.  

Amy is an inspiration to all women.  She has dedicated her life to fitness and motivating those around her.  She is my identical twin, but is truly an amazing individual.  She is a wonderful daughter, sister, wife and mother.  She exemplifies that strong is beautiful and confidence is sexy!  

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  • Apr 19, 2012

    I love this picture of the baby in the sling and momma doing a pull up. Awesome!

    — Huntersmommy

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