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March 2011

Name: Jason Lyons
Age: 32
Occupation: Scientist/Polymer Chemist, CrossFit Coach - CrossFit King of Prussia, Bridgeport, PA

Our Fashlete of the Month was nominated by Stephanie Vincent, an athlete from CrossFit KOP in Bridgeport, PA.  
 “I am nominating Jason not so much for his own success story… but for what he inspires in his athletes.  When Jason started CF he was very out of shape and overweight and couldn't do much of anything.  I think it is that start that makes him such an amazing coach.  When one of his athletes accomplishes something or sets a PR, Jason is able to celebrate with them as if he himself had been the one succeeding. 
This email included a link to Jason’s bio that described how Jason, a self-proclaimed “work in progress”, has lost over 30lbs, decreased body fat by 14%, and has gone down pant 4 sizes and 5 belt loops.  Jason put his story out there accompanied by some pictures that he describes as “really embarrassing” all for the benefit of his clients.  All he wanted to do was show people what can be accomplished with a little hard work.

Jason has done that and more. Not just through words and photos but through his actions.

Jason holds his athletes to a high level of integrity.  He encourages them to give everything they have to the workouts...and then some more.  He convinces his athletes that they can do more than they ever thought was possible.  Anyone who has ever been coached by him, will agree.   Jason has a special knack for coaching individuals who start CrossFit with challanges like he did.  He is especially gifted with these individuals because he is able to see the potential in each and every person he coaches.   He is a reflection for their potential, until they are able to see it themselves.  Jason's humor, enthusiasm, knowledge and most of all HEART inspire so many...that is why he deserves to be the Flashlete of the month.”


Clearly Jason is a whole lot more than Fran times and PR’s but I would still like to share a chart he created showing his progress using a few benchmark workouts… if for no other reason than the fact that we CrossFitters love data :)


I’m sure Jason is proud of these numbers (as he should be) and you can’t deny that there has been a serious increase in his power output.  Very well done!  Now that we’ve seen the numbers, I want to put something else on paper for Jason. The rest of this blog is composed of emails that I collected from Jason’s clients and friends at CrossFit KOP.  The success that is evident in the following testimonials is way beyond a spreadsheet.  I hope you enjoy reading this Jason and congratulations on being March's Fashlete of the Month!

“Jason Lyons is always pushing me to improve myself and does it with a smile.  You will always catch him working on skills he is not “good” at before class.  He is leads by example.  I still remember the first time I climbed the rope.  There was a WOD that required rope climbs and I had not gotten up the rope yet.  I had been working on it with Jason off and on for a couple of months.  Right before the WOD started Jason said to me, ‘Your are going to get up the rope today.’  Not only did I get up the rope once, but I got up the required 3 times needed for the WOD.  Jason is a great coach and also a great friend.”

-Mike Fabrizio

“I have been a member of Jason’s gym, Crossfit KOP, for the past 2 years.  Jason is the best trainer I have ever had.  From a technical standpoint he is flawless.  He makes you do the movement the way it is supposed to be done.  He knows how to motivate and push you to help you reach your potential.   Jason offers just the right amount humor in his classes which is a great release after a tough day at work.  Besides being a solid trainer, Jason is a great friend and all around good guy.”

 -Shawn Tammaro

 “That guy is not only fashionable (he loves him some Lululemon!) but has a sick and crazy fetish for overhead squats and doubleunders. I mean, seriously, who enjoys that stuff? AND looks good doing it???? Well, Jason does...”


“Jason is that genuine good guy that rarely exists."

"Crossfitters tend to chase the fastest times and/or the 'Rx'.  Jason could care less about his time if his standards are not legit. That is his motto in life and in Crossfit.  He doesn't Crossfit for the fastest Fran time or the largest deadlift, he Crossfits to be healthy for his wife and daughter. He commands respects because of who he is, the knowledge he has and the standards he lives his life by."

"Jason also coaches me in private sessions. When I succeed he gets more excited than I do. He doesn’t just design a workout that will make me sweat, he created a workout to attack all my weaknesses. No accomplishment is too small. I have overcome some of my biggest mental weaknesses while Jason was coaching. Why, you ask? Because I trust him....because he is honorable....because he cares....because he's been where I have. Jason isn’t the natural born athlete with a 6 pack and arms of steel."

"If you want a coach that can spot your weaknesses - physical or mental, spend the time to research how to get you over them, and celebrate those victories beside you....then you want Jason!!”

-Meighan Doran

Jason will be recieving a customized dog tag engraved with the word of his choice.  Thanks again to the athletes of CrossFit KOP for taking the time to write in about their amazing coach! 

Click here to read more about Jason and CrossFit KOP:

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