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Lindsey Marcelli: Girls Gone Rx

Lindsey Marcelli

"When you get women together, something powerful happens."

Lindsey Marcelli is responsible for harnessing the power of women across the globe through her Girls Gone Rx events. She is the owner and head trainer of CrossFit Eminence in Thornton, Colorado and the founder of Girls Gone Rx (GGRX), an all women's CrossFit team competition series that raises awareness for breast cancer. Every event raises money for Bright Pink, a national non-profit organization focused on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.

GGRX started as a single event inspired by Lindsey's mother Linda who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. At the time or her diagnosis, Linda's three children were in the military. Lindsey was stationed in Iraq for 15 months where she led her platoon on mission after mission and earned a bronze star. In the midst of all of this, Lindsey received a call from her mom...

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Katie H. Willcox: Healthy is the New Skinny

Katie Willcox Healthy is the New Skinny

Last weekend I was body-shamed by a five-year-old. My son and I were sitting on the steps of the neighborhood pool when a chatty little girl across from me proudly proclaimed, "My mommy is skinnier than you!" 

With my son watching, I thought very carefully about how to respond. In no way was I insulted by this comment because, a.) she's a five-year-old and b). I like my body just fine the way it is. Still, I felt a tad judged and had to consciously repress my initial instinct to get defensive. The absolute last thing I wanted these kids to witness was a perfectly healthy woman getting upset because someone else is skinnier...

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Chelsea Aguiar: Struggles Reveal Strength

Chelsea Aguiar is the founder of Athaya Fitness Sports Performance in New York City. Her love for physicality and athleticism began at the National Dance Institute of New Mexico where she studied Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Modern dance for 13 years. Before graduating high school, she performed on stages around the country including City Center in New York and the White House.

In 2009 Chelsea had to have reconstructive hip surgery and was told her life as a dancer was over. In our interview, Chelsea tells us how what started off as one of the most devastating experiences of her life turned out to be the most transformative. Now she's using her past experiences to live her best life and help others do the same...

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Kaisa Keranen: Just Move

Kaisa Keranen Quote

Kaisa is a Seattle-based personal trainer with a unique approach to fitness. For starters, she makes no promises of changing your body. That’s right, she will not train you to look a certain way. That’s just not what she’s about, and that’s exactly why we love her.

“I just don't believe in working out and dieting to look a certain way, it’s not sustainable nor is it healthy... What’s important to me is that we start switching our mindset around why we move in the first place.

"Will your body start changing if you start moving more regularly and eating healthy? Yes, absolutely! But to me, the change shouldn’t be the focus. When so much emphasis is placed on the change we’re hoping occurs, we forget to pay attention to how incredible it feels to just simply move.”

We are not alone in our admiration of this incredible athlete and her movement-focused approach to health and fitness. Kaisa has been featured in SELF, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Runner’s World. Daily workout videos are posted to inspire her 283k Instagram followers, and last but not least, Kaisa was one of the trainers in Michelle Obama’s 2015 “Let’s Move” campaign.

I honestly don't know if it's possible for our society to stop obsessing over what we look like, and I am not counting on mainstream media to stop pushing out images, headlines, and advertisements that feed this obsession. I'm just glad we have women like Kaisa who are out there advocating for a healthier point of view which is why I am very excited to share this interview with you. Enjoy!

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Gold Medalist Meryl Davis: Beyond the Podium

Meryl Davis Charlie White Gold Medal

"I think no matter what you do as a girl or woman, you want to positively impact other girls."
-Meryl Davis, Olympic Gold Medalist
Meryl Davis spent nearly two decades of her life working towards achieving the ultimate goal in her sport. At the 2014 Sochi Olympics, she and her partner Charlie White won the gold medal in Ice Dancing. The pair also won a silver medal at the 2010 Olympics and two World Championships. You may also recognize Meryl from Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars (partnered with Maksim Chmerkovskiy). And yes, she won that too...
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